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Revolutionising The Music Industry With AI and Web3 - Grimes' AI Voice Stars in Glass Protocol Lyric Video

Music has always been a driving force of cultural and societal change, and the new shift toward AI-powered collaborations is no different. The recent release of "im fine : ( :", a collaboration between angelbaby3045.eth and WesGhost, featuring the voice of Grimes, is a groundbreaking example of this paradigm shift.


Well, the unique aspect of the collaboration is that Grimes herself was not involved in the production process of the song at all. Instead, her voice was emulated using an AI voice software she launched, known as Elf.Tech. And now, angelbaby3045.eth and WesGhost have gone one step further and released a lyric video for the song on Glass Protocol, storing it forever on Arweave in the process!

A.I. + Web3 = A New Music Industry Standard?

Elf.Tech is a revolutionary platform that allows users to upload recordings of their own voice and transform it into Grimes' unique vocal style. This fascinating technology is able to take any voice recording and "Grimes-ify" it, producing a sound strikingly similar to the singer herself. This new technology pushes the boundaries of music creation, allowing for a new breed of collaboration - with or without the artist's direct involvement.

Grimes, demonstrating her forward-thinking approach, had declared her openness to this unique type of collaboration on Twitter, promising to split royalties on any successful AI-generated song using her voice. This led to "im fine : ( :" being released with a 50-25-25 split on the revenue, with 50% of the proceeds going to Grimes and the remaining half shared equally between WesGhost and angelbaby3045.eth.

The significance of this collaboration doesn't stop at the innovative use of AI, but also highlights the power of Web3 and blockchain technology to revolutionise artist payouts. Despite not being directly involved in the production of the song, Grimes was still compensated for the use of her voice. This, according to Glass Protocol, represents a new future for copyright handling.

In an exciting move, angelbaby3045.eth released the lyric video for "im fine : ( :" on Glass Protocol. Collectors of the song can mint up to five editions of the video for free, and Glass Protocol has announced a special discount for its Glass Pass holders, reinforcing its commitment to its community.


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