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Releap Protocol - Decentralised Social Graph Set to Revolutionise Social Networks

A new era of decentralised social networking is here, as Releap Protocol has gone live on the Sui Network mainnet. To celebrate this milestone, 333 Profile NFTs were offered without the need for users to Whitelist. Releap Protocol is the self-proclaimed first decentralised social graph on the Sui Network, and its ambitious goals and innovative features have attracted significant attention. Let's take a closer look at what Releap Protocol is and how it works.

Releap Protocol

Originally known as just "Releap," the project was created by founder Aaron. Since its inception, the platform has evolved and expanded, showing no signs of slowing down. One of its most recent developments is the launch of on-chain video uploading and streaming.

Releap Protocol is a decentralised social graph protocol built on the Sui Network, and its goal is to provide a permissionless, censorship-resistant platform where users can own and control their creativity and connections. Traditional social networks are centralised, which takes control away from creators and gives it to the platform itself. Releap Protocol aims to change this dynamic by giving power back to content creators.

How Releap Protocol Works

Releap Protocol strives to create a fully composable, decentralised social network. Users can create profiles to interact with each other, compose content as NFTs, and leave comments and likes that are entirely on-chain. Unlike current Web3 social graphs, which are restricted by smart contract architectural limitations, Releap Protocol leverages the Sui Network's asset-centric adaptation of the Move language, enabling true ownership.

It is also designed to be fully permissionless and available for everyone to build a variety of dApps on the platform. The project encourages communities and users to establish their guidelines regarding content, governance, and curation. Anyone interested in joining the journey can start with v1 of the protocol on the Sui Testnet.

Additionally, Releap Protocol remains committed to its origins by continuing to use the Arweave blockchain for data storage. This ensures a secure and robust foundation for the platform's decentralised social graph ambitions.

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