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Releap Circles Launches

Releap, the music streaming NFT platform built on Solana and Arweave, has been working tirelessly in the background, developing all aspects of the services it provides. After recently announcing their Community Contributor Program, the latest addition to its platform is Releap Circles, the exclusive members-only areas of the club that only holders of the artist’s NFTs will have access to. This brings Releap one step closer to its goal of becoming the go-to music platform for Web3 users.

As mentioned on the Releap Twitter account:

We’re truly proud of this launch. With this, Releap is one step closer to its mission of providing creators with tools to truly engage fans!

So let’s take a look at what the users can expect!

Releap Circles

For those unfamiliar with Releap, read our in depth article on Releap here.

Circles is the exclusive members-only area of the club. When you buy a particular artist’s NFT on Releap, you get exclusive access to holder-only content within that artist’s Circle. It is where the die hard fans get what they came for, and where artists and fans can come together and connect, within their exclusive communities.

After buying an NFT from your favourite artist on Releap, you will have access to their Circle. Each artist’s section comes with a wall, on which they can post the exclusive content for holders of their NFTs. This exclusive content is locked behind a “secure door”, which is unlocked via the NFT in your Solana wallet. There is no way of gaining access otherwise. No NFT, and this is what you’ll get:

Releap Circles brings us one step closer to a world in which artists will be able to regain ownership of their content in all aspects, including the way they monetise their content, and also how they connect directly with their fanbase. Read more on our thesis about the potential use cases of Web3 in the music industry here.

You can visit the Releap website right here and purchase an NFT, in order to also gain access to the Circles section of the platform. You’ll find the latest drop on the home page of Releap. At time of writing, there is an auction going on for “Twilight City” by “Kazushi”.

What is Releap?

Releap is a Web3 music NFT platform built on Solana and Arweave.

It aims to be the go-to place for musicians of all statuses. By offering a platform that artists can utilise to connect with their fans, as well as monetise their music in a way that has been unfathomable in recent music industry history. They aim to be the de facto Web3 music streaming and music NFT platform around.

And they are all about the smaller artists, that sometimes can feel left out by the legacy music industry.

Our approach is to build from the ground up, especially targeting the more independent artists, rather than going for the big names right from the start, said Aaron, Releap Founder.

The Releap protocol is built on one of the most popular, and fastest, blockchains around, Solana. All the content that is uploaded by artists, is stored on the only truly permanent storage solution in Web3 and Web2 alike, Arweave.

In order to get started, users will only need set up a Solana-based Phantom wallet, load it up with some of Solana’s native token, SOL, and connect it to Releap. Releap has created a mechanism in which there is no need to create an Arweave wallet, as when interacting with Releap, the SOL tokens used are deposited to Releap’s backend wallet, and then, in turn, another wallet uses Arweave’s native token AR to interact with Arweave.

Read more about Releap here.

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