ReadON strategic partnership with everVision

ReadON is a Web2-Compatible Decentralised Content Platform aiming to build the backbone infrastructure for the next generation of blogs, news, and forums. everVision has announced the partnership with ReadON to expand the market together in the future.

Through this cooperation, ReadON will use the development tool suite Web3Infra under everVision to upload all data to Arweave. This cooperation has enabled ReadON to upload 19.78 GB of data through Arseeding to Arweave, and finish 262,177 transactions through everPay. The two sides have established a solid relationship in the previous cooperation, and ReadON have participated in the offline ecosystem conference of Arweave in Asia 2022 in Singapore as speakers. 

Troy, founder of ReadON, said:

ReadON aims to build a Web3 content ecosystem in a Web3 way. Each piece of article on ReadON is stored permently on chain.

About everVision

everVision is a technology company focused on providing the infrastructure for Web3 with the vision of sustaining 1 billion users to access the Web3 network, adopting the new storage-based consensus paradigm (SCP) to explore a new Web3 development way that improves user experience, lowering development barriers, and enhances network performance. It has provided several products for the ecosystem, such as payment protocol everPay, Dex network Permaswap, development tool sets Web3Infra, and Arweave co-building DAO PermaDAO.
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About ReadON

ReadON is a decentralised content platform that consists of a series of underlying protocols. It is compatible with Web2 content and provides content authentication and on-chain services, which can enrich the entire Web3 content ecosystem.

From the user’s perspective, we have released the ReadON DAO app, which is a content aggregation product that indexes content from both Web2 and Web3 and curates content based on user behavior.

For each C-end user, we have minted a ReadON Achieve, which is an SBT that records a user’s experience and reputation value in different content areas, such as Defi, Gamefi, and will be expanded to non-Web3 content topics in the future. Users with different levels of experience values will have governance rights in their area of expertise in the future, including curation, commenting weight, evaluation of content quality, voting on the creation of new topic communities, etc.
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Based on Arweave Blockchain, everFinance is building a Storage-based Consensus Paradigm: development of middleware like MySQL, transforms traditional applications into trusted applications, integrates and internet and blockchain

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