Permaswap Newsletter #7

Dear Community Members,

This week has been an exciting one for our community, with several new developments and events taking place. Our team has been working hard to engage with our users and provide valuable resources as well as support.

Community Focus

This week we were at the @festival_web3. On the evening of April 14, 2023, the “Web3 Hong Kong Night” event, jointly hosted by PermaDAO, MoleDAO, and BuilderDAO, and sponsored by Asia Digital Bank, successfully concluded. The event invited more than 20 project guests to speak on site, covering various sub-races in the fields of DAO, NFT, DeFi, SocialFi, etc. Permaswap was also present at the event. We are thrilled to see familiar community members present at the event.

Product update

During the WEB3 festival, Permaswap and Asia digital bank prepared some lucky draws for the attendant. For those who are interested in cryptocurrency and the potential benefits it offers, participating in a lucky draw that offers cryptocurrency as a prize could be a fun and exciting way to get started. Not only could you potentially win a valuable prize, but you could also learn more about cryptocurrency and how it works.

If you don’t win this lucky draw, no worries to be had. We’ll use the lucky draw function in the future activities. What activities do you guys like to see?


And now for the latest information from the Permaswap dashboard: as of 2023–04–19 UTC:

  • Current Total TVL (total value locked): 340449$

  • Current Pool Count: 6

  • Current LP Count: 7

There’s recently been a spike in ArDrive token swaps.

  • 36,843 $ArDrive tokens trades.

  • $10,701 USD swap volume.

  • 196 Swap orders

  • Price of 0.77 ATH (All time high)

Want to earn trading fees by adding ARDRIVE/AR liquidity? You can follow this tutorial.

What have you done during this week? You can share with us in our discord.

Best regards,

The Permaswap Team

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