PermaDAO Weekly #70|PermaDAO Community Full of Passion, Heavyweight Product Launch of Permaweb 1.0|6.1-6.7

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Dear PermaDAO Members:

June is the prelude to summer and a symbol of growth. As Mark Twain said, "The golden age is in front of us, not behind us." Let us embrace this golden age and start a new chapter of our week. Let's review last week's community and ecosystem milestones: Permaweb launched a heavyweight product suite "Arweave + AO + AgentFi + Odysee"; Apus Network launched Trustless GPU solution; 10 bullish factors of AR; Arweave open data and social layer: Arweave serves as the Layer 0 of on-chain social; Everlove #4 is finally here... The voyage of dreamers will eventually lead to the stars and the sea!

Workload overview

Last week, PermaDAO had a total of 126 active contributors, and the workload data completed by each guild is as follows:

Last Week's Incentive Distribution Ranking for Each Guild and Group:

Last week, PermaDAO distributed a total of 126.2 $AR to the hard-working contributors, totalling 5352.61 USD.

Dear friends, as long as you continue to work diligently, every day at PermaDAO will be full of opportunities, and you will be surrounded by happiness and warmth.

Last Week's Activity Recap

  1. Hackathon AMA phase II

In June, the Arweave ecosystem is full of big events and great expectations! What heavyweight news will there be? What innovations will it bring to the industry? Let's explore the relevant possibilities through our previous exciting sharing.

Event review together: Exciting sharing on AMA by Sam, the inventor of AR + AO decentralized supercomputers, and Outprog, the initiator of PermaDAO & AO!

AMA: AO and Artificial Intelligence

  1. AR/USDC liquidity mining

The long-awaited $HALO distribution event is back! This time with 100,000 HALO

🔗Run node immediately: https://app.permaswap.network/staking

📖Run Tutorial: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/SI2I-0G-OvcMWNWq4D2H9A

  1. Everloot #4 is finally here!

Hold AR in everPay and divide 80,000 HALO! The activity lasts for 10 days. The earlier you participate, the more advantageous you will be! Please rest assured that everPay is ready for Genesis Day. You won't miss any benefits related to AO Token!

View activities: https://app.everpay.io/everloot-04?h

  1. Future3 AI + Web3 Camp Singapore Open Day

Supported by the PermaDAO community and hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Laboratory and HASHKEY CAPITAL, the Future3 AI+Web3 Camp Singapore Open Day will be held offline from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on June 6th.

PermaDAO developer Young will be a guest speaker sharing the topic: "AO, The Hyper Parallel Computer."

Weekly Article Sharing

  1. Trustless GPU solution from Apus Network, implementing Trustless AI in AO

Apus Network provides a powerful framework for implementing Trustless AI in the AO ecosystem through its Trustless GPU solution. Using AO's superparallel computing, the Trustless GPU network of Apus Network is designed as a secure, efficient, and scalable AI inference solution, providing necessary computing power for AI in Arweave while meeting the three pillars of Trustless AI: GPU integrity, AI model credibility, and verifiable inference results.

PermaDAO🐘 on Twitter / X

  1. 10 bullish factors for AR

The article summarizes AR's bullish conclusion from multiple angles, including the parabolic growth of various metrics of Arweave; the use of Arweave storage platforms by well-known users like Meta, Instagram, and Solana; the super scalability of AO; the airdrop of $AO to $AR holders; token economics; AO launch date... Click on the link below to view the translation.

Rendoshi Tokamoto ⭕️ on Twitter / X

  1. From AR to AO to AI - giving networks and applications permanent memory

Does the internet have memory? Many of you may gradually realize that in the world of traditional internet, information has a lifespan, and published information can be altered. Server failure or business changes of internet companies may mean the disappearance of a large amount of content and data. So in the world of Web3, can decentralized technology ensure the permanence and immutability of data?

The RPC lounge is an interview content column specifically designed for RPC club members, with the aim of creating a platform for members to share and deepen their understanding of each other. In this interview, Outprog was invited to share:

🎯 From Traditional Banks to Entrepreneurial Journey into Web3

🎯 How AR and AO endow networks with permanent memory

🎯 How web3 infrastructure coexists with traditional cloud services

🎯 Enjoying the AI application of AO computer

  1. Article - AO latest News summary | June 6, 2024

It has been 100 days since the AO launch event. Let's take a look at the changes and feel the speed of AO!

100 Days of Launch! Latest Updates on AO|2024.6.6

  1. Permaweb 1.0 Release Conference video compilation draft - Arweave + AO + AgentFi + Odysee = Permaweb 1.0

Translate and organize the video content of the Permaweb 1.0 Release Conference:

Permaweb will attract 7 million monthly active users, thanks to years of construction of the Arweave ecosystem. Major initiatives include acquiring Odysee, showcasing new applications and services, and launching the AO Ventures incubator. Odysee will be rebuilt as a decentralized platform to promote content sharing among different applications, ensuring user sovereignty and content ownership. The new economic system and independent financial agents are also under construction.

  1. Arweave, open data and social layer: Arweave as the on-chain social layer 0

@LensProtocol, @useOrbis, @farcaster_xyz and other projects (some of which are already using Arweave) are gaining increasing adoption due to their excellent interfaces and communities. But one question is - how to expand?

Arweave is a protocol designed specifically for decentralized and permanent data storage, with high scalability. Through bundling technology, multiple transactions can be merged into one, supporting high TPS and large file uploads. Arweave integrates with various blockchains, suitable for NFT storage and on-chain socializing, with fast content updates. It is flexible and open, ensuring that data is permanently available and can be retrieved even when the platform is shut down.

Arweave, Open Data, and the Social Layer: Arweave as Layer 0 for Onchain Social

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