PermaDAO Weekly #69|PermaDAO Remains Dynamic, AO Unveils Economic Model |5.25-5.31

Dear PermaDAO Members:

"Time intertwines, giving birth to fragrance." As the summer breeze gently blows, vibrant "flowers" bloom joyfully within PermaDAO: Permaswap launches the 0rbit project token $0RBT. Keystone supports ArConnect and is compatible with the AO network. The PermaDAO Newbie Camp May activities commence, injecting fresh vitality into PermaDAO. The interpretation of the 50th weekly report allows us to once again appreciate the infinite charm of the Arweave ecosystem. How to Navigate Content Guilds (Part One) shares methods for contributing to content guilds. Super-Parallel Computing AO Network Reveals a Brand New Token Model takes you through the issuance mechanism of AO, with the full speech from the first AO developer conference held in South Carolina... Plus, many outstanding articles await your reading. Embark on your reading journey now!

Workload overview

Last week, the number of active contributors to PermaDAO totalled 123 , and the workload data completed by each guild is as follows:

Last Week's Incentive Distribution Ranking for Each Guild and Group:

Last week, PermaDAO distributed a total of 90.9 $AR to its hard-working partners, totalling 4089.65 USD.

Friends, as long as you persist and cultivate diligently, every day you spend in PermaDAO will bring unexpected encounters with luck, and you will be embraced by beauty and warmth.

Information Express

  1. Permaswap has launched the $0RBT token for the 0rbit project.

Permaswap is the first decentralized exchange in the Arweave ecosystem, and it recently listed the 0rbit project token $0RBT. What is 0rbit? How can one obtain $0RBT tokens? How to exchange them within Permaswap? This article on Twitter provides detailed explanations. Feel free to check it out!

PermaDAO中文🐘 on Twitter / X

  1. Keystone now supports ArConnect and is compatible with the AO network.

Keystone has announced its collaboration with ArConnect and compatibility with the AO network, enabling Keystone users to easily access applications and protocols within the Arweave ecosystem, securely experience the Permaweb, and ensure enhanced wallet security through the integration of the hardware cold wallet Keystone.

Keystone 支持 Arconenct,兼容 ao网络

Last Week's Activity Recap

  1. The PermaDAO Newbie Camp May activities have commenced.

This event, primarily led by PermaDAO's core contributor, denzii, provides detailed guidance on various topics, including how to onboard, use everPay and Notion, and initiate one's contribution journey within PermaDAO. Denzii's instructions not only offer clear guidance to newcomers but also ignite their enthusiasm for contribution.

Event video playback:

PermaDAO 新手营 (5 月) | Notion

  1. The interpretation of the 50th weekly report + a summary review of the Newbie Camp.

This event, whether it's xiaosong's interpretation of the weekly events in PermaDAO, leon's summary and review of the Newbie Camp activities, or ziwei's sharing of the development of the Arweave ecosystem over the past week, all reflect the vibrant vitality and infinite charm of the Arweave ecosystem.

Arweave 生态周报分享第 50 期 | Notion

  1. How to Navigate Content Guilds (Part One)

This event was shared by two core contributors of PermaDAO, Kyle and Marshal Orange. Drawing from their practical experience, both teachers provided clear and in-depth explanations of methods, principles, and considerations for writing various types of articles such as weekly reports, news, transcripts, and research papers. Attendees not only gained a comprehensive understanding of the latest rules of content guilds but also learned how to obtain firsthand information, laying the foundation for future creative endeavors.

Replay link:

如何玩转内容公会(上) | Notion

Weekly article sharing

  1. Super-Parallel Computing AO Network Reveals a Brand New Token Model

After numerous calls, the AO official announces the issuance of its independent token - $AO, with the launch scheduled for June 13th, 11:00 am Eastern Time. It will follow a mechanism similar to Bitcoin - with a total supply of 21 million, halving every four years. However, it will adopt a completely new distribution and issuance method. For detailed information, please read the following:

超并行计算 AO 网络透露全新代币模型

  1. How does the autonomous DCA agent implement the AO timed trigger?

AO supports automation through native cron, which differs from traditional smart contracts and blockchain dApps and offers unique performance: contracts can have scheduled "cron" interactions, enabling automatic execution of computations... How does the Autonomous Finance's DCA agent implement the AO cron trigger? Please read the original text.

自主 DCA 代理如何实现 AO 定时触发器

  1. Comparison of File Lifecycles between Arweave and IPFS

Arweave is a decentralized blockchain where you only need to pay once (with extremely low fees), and there are no hidden costs. Your data will be permanently and securely stored on the chain, giving you peace of mind. In contrast, IPFS requires active maintenance, ongoing payments, and involvement of third parties to ensure data security. If you were operating an NFT project, which one would you choose?

Arweave 与 IPFS 的文件生命周期对比

  1. AO: Building a Decentralized Erlang

Last week, the inaugural AO Developer Conference was held in South Carolina, where speakers discussed topics surrounding AO and the Erlang language. They delved into Sam's original intention and journey of creating a decentralized parallel computer, as well as why the current Ethereum mindset is flawed. This article compiles the entire content of the speeches from this event. Feel free to read it.

AO:构建一个去中心化的 Erlang

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