PermaDAO Weekly #41 (11.11 - 11.17)

Web3 is booming, and Arweave is becoming a popular infrastructure choice for developers. PermaDAO is a community where everyone can contribute to the Arweave ecosystem. It's a place to propose and tackle tasks related to Arweave, with the support and feedback of the entire community. Join PermaDAO and help shape Web3!

Author: Marshal Orange @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: Marshal Orange @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Xiaosong HU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Dear PermaDAO Community Members:

In the past week, PermaDAO has integrated various community operation talents and adopted innovative community management and incentive models to collectively promote community engagement growth. The PermaDAO Publicity Guild successfully assembled a content optimization team to refine and control the quality of community publicity content, jointly enhancing content quality and conversion rates. PermaDAO and PANewsDAO's series of thematic shares, "Bear Market Web3 Learning Essential Guide," have vigorously entered their sixth phase, aiming to discuss the evolution of Web3 wallets and the innovative journey of exchanges. Meanwhile, PermaDAO organized two "Fireside Chat" themed events, not only discussing the differences and operational advice between traditional and Web3 finance but also initiating member discussions on experiences within DAOs, exploring the true meaning of DAOs and reflections on the current situation. These activities not only facilitated deep interactions among community members but also provided participants with a fresh perspective to understand and explore the rich possibilities of the Web3 world, inspiring their thoughts and creativity. The PermaDAO community always walks alongside you, together writing the exciting chapters of the Web3 world. Let's Build ~

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Workload Summary

Last week, the various guilds of PermaDAO completed the following work:

Last week, PermaDAO distributed 611.29 $AR tokens, totaling 4527.03 USDC to the dedicated contributors, and we encourage them to persevere!

Guild Member Promotion

PermaDAO encourages partners to continue building and outputting. Based on the cumulative output, partners can be promoted to obtain more rewards and unlock more permissions to receive tasks. Last week, 1 contributor was successfully promoted in the Content Guild:

  • @Lawrence Liu has been promoted to a Diamond translator in the PermaDAO Translation Group!

Congratulations to all the members mentioned above! Looking forward to everyone continuing to build PermaDAO~

Notable Events

1. PermaDAO Upgrades Community Management Model, Content Optimization Team Aids in Enhancing Content Quality and Conversion Rate

PermaDAO has completed the recruitment of outstanding talents passionate about community building, Web3, and the Arweave ecosystem. The team includes Discord administrators, WeChat & Telegram group administrators, Twitter operation interns, WeChat official account editors, and content optimization interns. Since the implementation of this management model this week, the WeChat community's engagement has significantly increased.

A content optimization team was established to address the challenges of low conversion rates and readership of currently publicized articles. The team restructures and upgrades the articles to further enhance their quality; adding lead-ins and polishing titles to increase user reading interest and click-through rates.

Recruitment Details: 招募|PermaDAO 多种运营岗位公开招募

Job Record:





2. PANewsDAO x PermaDAO Series Topic Share Phase Six: The Journey of Web3 Wallet Innovation

The "Bear Market Web3 Learning Essential Guide" series, co-presented by PANewsDAO and PermaDAO, welcomed its sixth installment. PermaDAO researcher Orange and seasoned 'airdrop' KOL 0xzhaozhao explored the development trajectory and future directions of the Web3 wallet domain. The meeting focused on the recently introduced Web3 wallet feature by exchanges and covered topics including the categorization, history, and development trends of Web3 wallets. The event not only provided an in-depth analysis of the significance and role of wallets in the Web3 ecosystem but also offered attendees new perspectives on the developmental trends and future potential of Web3 wallet account abstraction.

For more details, visit: PANews合作活动第六期

3. Fireside Chat 1 — Retail Investor's Guide: Traditional Finance vs. Web3 Finance

In the recent Fireside Chat event held by PermaDAO, led by PermaDAO contributor Koo, seasoned Web2 experts from within the DAO gathered to delve into the differences between traditional finance and Web3 finance. This event not only strengthened the interaction among members but also provided each participant with a new perspective for a better understanding of Web3 finance and financial knowledge.

Video link: 散户手册-传统理财与web3理财

4. Fireside Chat 2 — Discussing Our Days in PermaDAO

Led by PermaDAO's Builder Ruby, a session was organized for sharing and reflection among PermaDAO members. The event featured contributions from PermaDAO researchers Orange and Lawrence. The discussion centered around the experiences of DAO Builders within PermaDAO. PermaDAO's founder Xiong Wei also participated, sharing insights and perspectives on DAOs from a founder's viewpoint, which sparked thoughtful discussions among attendees. This gathering was not just an in-depth conversation among DAO members but also a valuable opportunity for a comprehensive understanding and exploration of the future of DAOs.

Video link: 聊聊我们在 PermaDAO 的日子

5. Community Produces Multiple Excellent Articles

The PermaDAO community once again demonstrated its exceptional technical insight by delving into a series of captivating topics, including methodologies for Web3 user growth, reflections on the new paradigm of hackathons in the AI era, the significance of Arweave data gateways, and introducing VACP: the Verifiable Atomic Computation Paradigm. Moreover, the article "Web3 User Growth Methodology: Continuous Imitation and Improvement of Web2" garnered over 500 reads on the WeChat official account. Additionally, after completing a research report on the Arweave ecosystem project "Sarcophagus," PermaDAO researcher Kyle was invited by Decent.land and PWN officials to conduct a study on "Stubbornly On-Chain Smart Contracts or Self-Imposed Limitations? Exploring How MEM Paves a New Path for Seamless Web3 Application Development." As the Arweave ecosystem continues to flourish, these topics are likely to spark your interest. For a deeper dive, you are welcome to read further.

Excellent Article Reading Link 👇:

Web3 用户增长方法论:对 Web2 的持续模仿和改进

Hackathons Should be A Nationwide Movement, Not Just the Domain of Developers: Reflections on A New Paradigm for Hackathons in the AI Era

Hackathons Should be A Nationwide Movement, Not Just the Domain of Developers: Reflections on A New Paradigm for Hackathons in the AI Era

Introducing VACP: Verifiable Atomic Computing Paradigm

Insisting on On-chain Deployment of Smart Contracts: Could it be Holding onto the Past? Exploring How MEM Charts a New Path to Seamlessly Build Web3 Applications

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