PermaDAO Weekly #3 (2.17-2.23)

Last week, the Arweave ecosystem was full of surprises. ArNostr, incubated within PermaDAO, launched its beta testing, ANS was officially released, and ChatGPT brought more imagination to data storage. The attitude of Hong Kong towards Web3 reveals a new dawn of industry development, and volunteers of PermaDAO are making their unique contributions to this thriving ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at what happened within the DAO this week:

Workload Overview

Last week, PermaDAO:

PermaDAO awarded its hardworking volunteers with 2200.66U worth of $AR tokens, hoping that they will continue their efforts with even greater enthusiasm!

Important Events

  1. The first offline Meetup of PermaDAO has been partially sponsored and is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong, China in April 2023. Volunteers and project parties are welcome to cooperate and participate in contributions.
  2. Henry from ArweaveNews made his first appearance on PermaDAO’s eco-sharing meeting this week and shared his insights. The DAO’s consensus is constantly crossing geographical boundaries.
  3. PermaDAO’s Instagram is now live! Currently, it has posted 3 short videos of Arweave founder Sam’s speech at the Arweave in Asia conference. Search @PermaDAO on Instagram and see what Sam has to say—remember to like, comment, and share!
  4. ArNostr, incubated within PermaDAO, has launched! ArNostr is a decentralised social product based on Noster+Arweave. Content published by users on ArNostr will be permanently stored on Arweave while using Noster protocol that is decentralised, content-preserving, and tamper-proof. Relay address: wss:// Tutorial:

Thank you to all volunteers who contributed to PermaDAO! We look forward to your greater role in the next week, working together with the community to promote the development of PermaDAO and cross the boundaries of technical innovation!

Reviewer : Viya @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator:0xCryptolee@ Contributor of PermaDAO

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