PermaDAO Weekly #1(2.6-2.10)

How did you do last week?

PermaDAO members have been fulfilled with overwhelming contributions. Let’s see what happened within DAO!

Overview of Workload

This week, PermaDAO translation group has completed the translation of 8 articles, activity group has launched 7 activities, submission group has submitted 5 ecological related articles, development group has been busy with 7 projects in progress, promotion group has promoted 35 articles. All the builders have been working hard and actively contributing to the development of PermaDAO. We hope that PermaDAO will play an increasingly significant role in the Arweave ecosystem!

Key events

  1. PermaDAO and Classical reached an official cooperation to jointly develop the products within DAO, aiming to provide product landing solutions for more projects with limited resources in terms of this mode and explore the decentralised way of cooperation in practice.
  2. The development project of Nostr + Arweave has officially started, aiming to promote the development and application of permanent storage services in social media dApp through the decentralised cooperation mode within DAO and combining the advantages of both of the two projects.
  3. The PSPC online class can provide the introduction of PermaDAO product using PermaSwap group as an example. This class provides a variety of precipitation, such as video playback, article sharing, and community online discussion, to help you fully master the blockchain technology.
  4. The Guide of Southeast Asia Digital Nomad by PermaDAO was launched to provide relevant information for community members who are interested in becoming digital nomads in Southeast Asia, aiming to break the information barriers and help members fully understand the development of the local blockchain industry and information about various living conditions.

Thank you for your contributions to PermaDAO! We hope that you can play a greater role in the next week, work with the community to promote the development of PermaDAO, and work together to cross the border of technological innovation!

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Translator: XiongHa @ Contributer of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Viya @ Contributer of PermaDAO

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