PermaDAO Weekly #16(5.19-5.25)

Dear PermaDAO community members,

Every weekend, we are thrilled to bring you a series of exciting updates and progress within PermaDAO. Last week, the KNN3 Network received the highest level Grant from PermaDAO, the Hackathon activities progressed smoothly, and an internal governance meeting was held to discuss and improve the current building issues within PermaDAO. The development of the PermaDAO community is growing stronger thanks to the contributions of each volunteer in obscurity. We hope that all of you can keep your excellent contribution and create a brilliant future for PermaDAO.

Workload Overview

Last week, a total of 3 new members joined PermaDAO. Meanwhile:

PermaDAO has distributed 646.84 $AR tokens in total to dedicated volunteers, and we encourage them to persevere!

Notable Events

1. KNN3 Received Grant from PermaDAO

Last week, KNN3 received the highest level Grant from PermaDAO to support the development of Arseeding GraphQL. KNN3 is an all-in-one DataFi solution focused on Web3 users, suitable for dApps and smart contracts. This collaboration will greatly enhance the usability of Arseeding and improve the overall user experience for developers. It opens up new possibilities for the development of Arseeding and the Arweave ecosystem. Please click here to experience Arseeding.

2. Latest Updates on the Arweave Summer Hackathon

The preparations for the hackathon are ongoing, and the project has successfully established media partnerships with outlets such as Jinse Finance, ODAILY, MarsBit, BlockBeats, and Learnblockchain. Thanks to the efforts of many contributors, the project evaluation rules have been finalised and can be viewed here. DoraHacks will be used for overall project collection during the hackathon. Registration for the hackathon will open on June 1, 2023, and sponsorship opportunities will remain open until June 14. Interested projects are welcome to discuss sponsorship details.

3. PermaDAO AMA + Governance Meeting

Last week, PermaDAO held its first DAO governance discussion meeting. The meeting mainly focused on 2 topics, including Q&A sessions and suggestions collection for guilds, and improvement proposals that need to be presented by guild leaders. The gain during the meeting was fruitful, resulting in specific implementation plans for newcomer guidance, personnel registration, and the daily governance of guilds. The details of the meeting have been documented in the PermaDAO community, and interested individuals can refer to it for more information.

4. WeWeave Pizza Festival Airdrop Event

Last week, PermaDAO organised the WeWeave Pizza Festival event. Participants uploaded images on the WeWeave cloud storage platform to interact and engage in the event. Five successfully uploaded addresses were selected through viewblock for a total airdrop of 5 AR using everPay. This event encouraged many participants to explore the usage of WeWeave decentralised storage. If you missed the event and are unfamiliar with how to use WeWeave, you can refer to the detailed guide here to experience the decentralised storage.

We appreciate all volunteers' invaluable contributions to PermaDAO! We look forward to your further involvement in the upcoming week, collaboratively propelling PermaDAO's growth alongside the community and transcending the boundaries of technological innovation together!

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Translator: Ruby @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Viya @ Contributor of PermaDAO

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