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The Next Entrants to the Permaweb: A Look at OWF #5’s Demo Day Lineup

The fall edition of the Arweave Open Web Foundry is drawing to a close. We’ve seen dozens of new permaweb app projects present across 5 community spotlight events. You can check through these events in the playlist embedded below.

As with any hackathon, only a subset of the projects pitched through the duration of Open Web Foundry have made it through to the end, and the organizers have already selected those who will appear to the invite-only demo day event on December 2nd 2021.

In this article, we’ll run through the OWF #5 finalists you can expect to see on the stage at the fast-approaching demo. Do you want an invite to attend to watch the demos live and interact with the founders? Fill out this form to get access.


WorkerDAO is a protocol that rewards and recognizes DAO based work. Users can unlock “Reputation NFTs” that track contribution, vote on tasks and unlock rewards in a completely permissionless manner. This forms a new type of reputation credentialing based on proven work with value switching back to human contribution.

The design document for the protocol, along with further reading, can be found at workerdao.xyz. The project’s presentation timestamp for the OWF community spotlight presentation is here.

Art By City

Art by City has been developing their licensing and copyright metadata framework for artwork and publications since the last Open Web Foundry, aimed at helping artists take advantage of the way the blockchain guarantees ownership. A focus is developing a metadata structure that can represent the same nuances that IRL metadata (like the full credits for an album) can capture.

“We are building the Artists permaweb. Customizable gallery experiences and profiles. Where artists and collectors are in control of their web 3 experience. We are also helping with curation of meta data and licensing bringing real world solutions into the digital space increasing discoverability and monetizing interactions as well as attention.”

Watch Art by City’s presentation here.

The River

The River is a nonprofit media DAO focused on creating fair income for journalists and creatives through using a content-as-NFTs model that gives autonomy, ownership, and incentives to amplify and fund voices of social impact.


PeerPiper is a web3 solution for encrypted data sharing. It enables any user to transmit any kind of data to chosen Arweave users – like a web3 version of private Pastebin or wormhole.app uploads. Learn more at peerpiper.io, and tweet feedback to @DougAnderson444


SPOT is like a futures market operating on Arweave, using a native token to mediate exchanges between users respectively longing or shorting a given asset. Similar to a prediction market where people can stake tokens on what coins they think will do well, but with the added feature that users can accrue a following so people can see how successful their predictions have been and in turn monetize on them.

Visit Coinspotting on Twitter here.


OpenSet is data infrastructure for open source data sets. The founders built OpenSet to ensure that AI/ML data sets can be stored publicly and permanently with Arweave. OpenSet is launching an open marketplace for sharing data, complete with tipping, fractionalizing and profit-sharing in OpenSet’s token.

Watch the OpenSet presentation here.


Permigrade is an NFT hosting and distribution tool based on Arweave which exposes control over the eventual form of the NFT onto the owner. For example, with the Permigrade tooling, it’s possible to deploy an NFT with multiple states and layers. Say, facial expressions or seasons of the year, and morph the original art. This gives NFTs a new edge, making them interactive and dynamic.

As well as a platform for dynamic NFTs, Permigrade will feature a decentralized auction house model.

Watch Permigrade’s community spotlight here.


m-ar-k is a browser extension design to make it easy to archive any kind of content onto the permaweb. Beyond that, the m-ar-k website shows a feed of all recently archived tweets, webpages, etc., to act as a way to discover interesting content in a different context to your usual Twitter/web browsing habits. With tags, users make it easy to discover related content.

With enough adoption, m-ar-k could become a useful discovery platform – you only see what people thought it was worth spending some AR to save.


re:Text is a publishing platform and incentivization layer aiming to decentralize the power publications have, and democratize the flow of value into the hands of the creators and the community. Original content creators and potentially new content innovators are given the chance to monetize from collaborations and earn every step on the way.

Watch the re:Text presentation here.

Open Index Protocol

Open Index Protocol combines Arweave-powered decentralized storage with an indexing layer. The protocol can be used to serve data – anything from the backend for a wiki site to a decentralized Spotify alternative. OIP is a new blockchain which uses Arweave for archival storage, and enables self-publishing of media with a creator-controlled revenue share.

Read the in-depth wiki here.

The OWF #5 will take place on December 2nd 2021, and be invite-only. To get an invite, use this form.

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