Not A Single Week Passed, And Verto Team Is Killing It In September

The Verto Protocol team is one of the OG community developers in the Arweave ecosystem – a group of young developers with astronomical capabilities and execution. Since the start of September the team has shared several fascinating news and products updates.

I. Arconnect Transaction Fee Multiplier

Arconnect, known as the Metamask of Arweave, is a community-developed and maintained web-wallet extension by the Verto team. Weeks after its public release its getting traction and mass adopting/integrations from the community developers, as well the dApps users.

The transaction fee customization comes in handy when the Arweave network gets congested with high traffic (e.g. an NFT minting event on Solana that uses Arweave for data storage). Using this new feature, you can configure the transaction’s fee to increase the likelihood of the Arweave network picking up your transactions.

II. Trading Posts Upgrade: Fully On-chain

Tate Berenbaum and Marton Lederer are working on Verto’s trading posts to eliminate the off-chain component and make the trading transactions instants with no more waiting for additional transactions and matching processes.

As stated in Tate’s tweet, the order book will exist on-chain with support for limit and market orders. The new mechanism, when ready, will replace existing trading posts on verto.exchange


III. Verto ID Adoption

Argora.xyz , a social network under development on Arweave network, has integrated the Verto ID SmartWeave Contract (user registry contract) for its users. Thus, for every user who has claimed a username (and profile) on verto.exchange , it will be identical on argora.xyz!


These are the latest developments by the Verto team and we think it’s pretty exciting. We’re definitely keeping up with the developments there.

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