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Metaweave Account v1.3 update

Metaweave is one of the pioneering platforms in the Arweave ecosystem when it comes to Web3 social media. Not long ago, the Metaweave team announced their Account feature that allows you to manage your wallet identity on Arweave.

The team has been working hard on the next iteration of the Account feature and has now released their Account v1.3 update.


With Metaweave v1.3 comes the ability to edit user profiles (who doesn’t need an edit button on a Permaweb!). Furthermore, users now have the option to add more to their profiles, including a banner, additional links, and an Ethereum wallet address. This opens up the future potential for cross-chain functionality.

Any project integrating Account can build their own UI to allow users to modify values of their Account used by the permadapp. Alternatively, projects can just integrate the arweave-account protocol to manage user profile and redirect users to “https://account.metaweave.xyz/” to edit their profiles.

Metaweave and Account keep getting better, adding to the things they can do! And speaking of things that they can do […] WordPress does a good job at importing tweets. But since Metaweave includes tweet archiving, we thought we would geek out and use the Arweave Permaweb link to the archived announcement tweet of v.1.3 on Metaweave:


For simplicity though, here is also a hyperlink to it.

I had the chance to speak with Falco, Metaweave’s co-founder, right after the release of v.1.3. Here is what Falco had to say about Account overall:

Account is meant to be the standard DID on Arweave, a fully on-chain protocol conceived to be easily incorporated into Arweave permadapps. Account is a great way to link an identity to a wallet with an avatar, a bio, a banner, and any other necessary link. The protocol and the library are open-source, open to every pull request, to fit every project need in the ecosystem. We aim to help people collaborating share the same code and the same user basis without reinventing the wheel every time, said Falco, Metaweave, Co-Founder.

Falco went on to tell me about the future of Account, and Metaweave as a whole. The team is currently reaching out to other Arweave native projects to further the adoption of Account, by getting interested projects to integrate Account into their own permadapps.

Account’s next major updates will be driven by the will of the other founders that will integrate it to their permadapps.

And when talking about what to expect next, Falco went on to say:

It’s going great! Busy weeks! We’re speaking with other founders in the ecosystem for the adoption of Account, organizing new events on Metaweave, and working on the future major release of Metaweave.

We will be in touch with Falco and the team to keep you up-to-date about future developments.


Any developers looking to migrate from version v.1.2.5 to v.1.3 can check out the docs on Metaweave’s Github page here.

What is Metaweave?

Metaweave, formerly known as Argora, is a decentralised social media platform built on Arweave’s Permaweb. Any posts published on the platform are permanent, and no one has the power to delete them. The decentralised aspect of the platform means that, practically, it would never experience any downtime either.

The future of Web3 social media will need a storage layer for all its data, and Arweave provides just that. Furthermore, thanks to smart contracts on Arweave, projects can build natively, avoiding the need for any cross-chain interoperability between the storage layer and the contract execution layer.

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