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Decentralized Bandwidth: AMA with Meson Network’s Sherlock Shi

Meson Network is a decentralized content delivery network (CDN) which makes use of bandwidth from over 30,000 devices worldwide to provide cheap and fast access to files from any server – including Arweave. It achieves this level of decentralization by incentivizing these thousands of nodes with a token.

Meson positions itself as an alternative to Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services, both of which are centralized and could be more expensive than what many small businesses afford. Meson is one approach to solving Arweave’s gateway centralization issue, which makes it an interesting topic for this publication.

The video acceleration use case is really interesting – is this optimized for streaming? Any comparison to Livepeer? (hkJ5aoEfM8s6duwE6wMnQLdj1_Jy8iwiY-EfnjqaTCM)

Quite amazing question. We support m3u8 protocol so that people can easily use meson to do streaming jobs, you can check the case: As for livepeer, it can use meson as the delivery layer to solve the problem of bandwidth.

editor’s note: A .m3u8 file is standard for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS); developed by Apple in 2009, HLS has become the standard for adaptive bitrate streaming. is a live-streaming and video discovery app powered by Meson Network. incentivizes a decentralized network of nodes with GPU processing power that can transcode video on demand. Combined with Meson, this could be a fast, robust way to deliver video to end users.

Does Meson plan to use Shepherd to filter possible illegal content on Arweave? (ie-wLCcn90jlD-MlMMS8q4BBiORtv_6ekRVFgTJD59k)

We are open to this part. People running their nodes have the right to deploy any content strategy they like.

editor’s note: Shepherd is a content filtering layer for Arweave gateways. We covered the implications of this in a recent article.

Do plan to support other storage networks? (PTDHbEM6-mRhCuH0tQWeiES5PCSZ-kTACNkkbb_PucM)

For sure, we have supported Arweave and IPFS, and we are onboarding other storage networks which are needed by users. Anything you need, please create issue in our github.

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