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KYVE Reactivates Token Transaction Via IBC In First Mainnet Software Upgrade

Nearly two months after launching mainnet, KYVE has upgraded its software to support token transfer through inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol after a governance vote, the former announced on Tuesday.

The project disabled the transfer of tokens via IBC in the early stage of mainnet to maximise security, it said. The project’s native token, $KYVE as well as other interchain tokens can now be sent and received.

The upgrade also fixed what the project describes as non-critical issues that were discovered during an independent code review of its consensus codebase. It also said the software upgrade allowed it to realign vesting schedules for second round investors and its tokenomics.

KYVE’s Founder, John Letey said he was excited to be part of the interchain as he posted the first IBC transfer.

In mainnet, projects are perceived as having attained maturity and have learned how to operate from the testnet phase. The project is expected to create more upgrades and features as well as fix issues that may arise in mainnet.

Meanwhile the foundation wing of KYVE has introduced the Validator Delegation Programme for protocol validators who performed optimally during the incentivised testnet, also known as Mission Korellia, which was held in 2022. The project said 2500 validators who worked hard at assigned tasks included the official testnet and mainnet network. Validators’ $KYVE reward could help them secure slots easily in the mainnet.

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