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Kwil Unveils Kuneiform - A Web3 SQL Database Game Changer

Kwil has announced its next major release, Kuneiform, which aims to revolutionise the way developers interact with their permissionless and decentralised SQL databases. 

The release brings with it an array of new tools and features, including the Kuneiform language, Kuneiform IDE, and SDKs for Javascript/Typescript and Python.

Let's take a closer look.

Kwil Kuneiform

The Kuneiform language offers an easy-to-use syntax for deploying permissionless relational databases, while the Kuneiform IDE provides a browser-based development environment for writing, compiling, and deploying these databases on the Kwil network. The Kuneiform IDE draws heavily from Ethereum’s remix IDE. The new release supports most of the SQL-92 standard, enabling developers to execute complex operations, such as subqueries, joins, and ad-hoc select statements.

Full documentation on Kuneiform can be found here. For a full walkthrough on using Kwil Kuneiform, head here.

New Kwil SDKs and CLI

Kwil also launched new SDKs for Javascript/Typescript and Python, enabling developers to interact with the Kwil network more seamlessly. With the revamped JS/TS SDK, developers can call and execute actions, deploy compiled Kuneiform, and perform SELECT queries against public databases. The Python SDK allows developers to deploy databases, execute actions, and query new databases, making it ideal for data-intensive applications.

In our pre-launch testing, it took only a few seconds on average to insert over 100,000 records into a database. This functionality will allow developers and data teams to quickly and easily migrate their databases to Kwil, requiring little to no changes to their existing schemas. - Luke Lamey (extract from Medium Article)

The upgraded CLI offers expanded functionality for developers to interact with their Kwil databases. Developers can now batch-insert data into their databases directly from a CSV file, significantly speeding up the process of migrating databases to Kwil.

Kwil mentions it will continue to iterate on its offerings based on feedback from partners and users. 

Permapalooza 2023

Kwil is set to co-host Permapalooza, an event in collaboration with AR.IO, as part of Consensus 2023. During the event, Kwil will discuss the technology and vision behind Kuneiform, as well as its future plans for growth. Permapalooza promises to be an essential event for those interested in the Permaweb, Web 3.0, and the future of decentralised infrastructure.

Get your (free) tickets here.

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