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The Future of the Attention Economy: AMA with Koii Founder Al Morris

Koii is an Arweave-based blockchain built as the foundation for the attention economy. Koii’s Proof of Real Traffic algorithm makes it possible to verifiably and fairly distribute KOII tokens to the content registered on the network which gets the most attention. This AMA finds out more about the future of the attention economy from Koii founder Al Morris.

Is it possible to game proof of real traffic? What are threat models to proof of real traffic? (8vDROIqJQvv3TolIYDtuJvsyda0qeoc7jQ3mOpca3lU)

While it’s possible to game any system, we’ve intentionally designed Proofs of Real Traffic (PoRT) to be very hard to subvert, and it’s our intention to dedicate a full team towards continued optimization of the technology going forwards. To give you an idea of how it works, each wallet can only submit one PoRT per day, per Atomic NFT. Any additional PoRTs are discarded, so spamming requires having lots of RSA wallets, and also generating proof of work with each wallet. We are also working on a technology called ‘bellweather’ nodes, which will make this even harder to beat since the reputation of each wallet will determine the value of their attention.

How do you predict it working for applications which want to run their whole app with Koii as an attention tracker? Where does the money come from for the Koii Protocol to hand out rewards to these apps if they aren’t paying into the Koii ecosystem (simply using Koii to earn KOII)? (o0oc9Kocnkm_uRsldLn7p1JZ48_lg23ej5IdEOQglpc)

In order to earn KOII, content has to be registered to the Koii Network, and should ideally be stored permanently as an Atomic NFT. KOII tokens are used for services around Atomic NFTs (like bridges, wallets, collections, and more) so we expect that anyone earning tokens will have lots of ways to spend them. Generally speaking though, you have to spend KOII to register content, so the more the merrier 🙂

Why did you choose arweave? Do you think you will be referred to as Arweave’s flagship project in the future? (-Mk1qnmge2bm6lpTZufbX-CCXbaZ7eI_t8RYSRaQYZY)

I don’t know if we’re referred to as Arweave’s flagship project – there’s a lot of amazing stuff being built on the permaweb. Permanent storage and event sequencing is one of the main advantages of blockchain, so it’s hard to imagine why anyone would choose not to build on Arweave. With the layer two’s that we and others are building, this is about to go up another level!

What’s the next major roadmap milestone for Koii? Do you have a public roadmap? (NnshKpMzq_RvVIzBdUQlU5XjbchtuYxglf8H9Plw56E)

Our main public roadmap is in the lightpaper at The next big push for us is to start onboarding node operators. We now have just over 9000 Finnie Wallet users, and with over 8000 pre-registered to run nodes, we will soon be one of the most decentralized blockchain projects, in the running with Ethereum and Bitcoin.

When do you think NFT T1 marketplaces (like OpenSea) will integrate the atomic NFT standards? (57WgbkQS3ytxQkbVOxEaIHclseVH0LU57jRPJWnaCl0)

OpenSea (and others) have already expressed interests in reducing gas costs and storing their assets permanently on Arweave. It’s only a matter of time before they realize they can do both at the same time if they use Atomic standards. I believe as we see the number of Finnie users continue to climb, this will result in a significant increase in adoption across all marketplaces.

Our next AMA starts September 8th with‘s Marcin. See this AMA in its original, permanent form on permablog. ????

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