KNN3 Network Cooperates with everFinance’s Web3Infra to store its data on Arweave

Web3 Relationship Aggregator, KNN3, announces a strategic partnership with everFinance to use its open-source development tool and gateway, Web3Infra, to store data on Arweave.

Through Web3Infra and its first open source tool – Arseeding, KNN3 Network can use the SDK to connect to ‘public nodes’ deployed by everFinance for the permanent storage of files on Arweave. 

By first uploading DVC (Dynamics Verifiable Credentials) data to Arweave, KNN3 Network is managed to provide data with highly enhanced validity and reliability. This is the first attempt to transition from centralized storage to decentralized storage of KNN3 and will continue to fulfill its goal of bringing open, trusted, and efficient data to Web3 users and DApps.

About Web3Infra is a developer documentation page deployed by everFinance, on which Arseeding is the first open-source tool. Through Web3Infra, developers can store files permanently on Arweave without configuring an Arweave wallet or holding AR tokens. Web3Infra significantly lowers the development threshold for developers on Arweave. 

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About KNN3 Network

KNN3 is a Web3 Relationship Aggregator on multi-blockchains. Empowering Web3 social discovery & user enabling. KNN3 Network provides graph solutions for web3 multiverse relational aggregation to empower Social d/App and AI analytics. KNN3 aims to become a community-driven data curation protocol to enable on-chain data collaboration.

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