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How to top up your ArConnect Wallet with Binance?

This we present you a tutorial in a series of “Never have I ever tried” to guide you through the tools and resources you might find helpful in Arweave’s ecosystem. In this one we will walk you through how to top up your ArConnect Wallet using Binance cryptocurrency platform. 

First of all, you’ll need ArConnect Wallet and  Binance mobile or desktop app. When downloaded, you’ll have to make an account and verify your identity with your personal ID, passport or biometrics (other options available). The verification of your identity might take a while but you will still get access to basic options there, for example, add crypto funds to your Binance Pay account using Binance’s fiat channels. 

When you have logged into Binance, go to your Wallet, which is found in the bottom left of the page and click on Deposit. 

You will have a list of Fiat and CryptoCurrencies, but before exchanging anything to crypto, you will need some fiat cash (it means the ‘normal’ everyday money we use). Choose your currency (e.g. euro) and then choose which payment method you want to use (bank transfer, bank card, P2P express and advcash account balance options are available) and the amount of money you want to invest. If you choose bank transfer, you’ll have to go to your internet bank or mobile app to make this payment and the transaction might take a while. If you do the “purchase with a bank card” option, you’ll be able to use your topped up fiat wallet right away. 

When the payment is done, Binance will lead you to the list of available cryptocurrencies. Choose AR, of course.



For the first time users, Binance will offer simple step by step tutorials, just like this one. If you closed and re-opened the app between fiat transfer and other operations, after opening the app just click on the yellow icon in the middle of the page-bottom and the menu with possible options will be opened.


Click “BUY” and choose AR. You’ll see the current price of AR. The minimum amount of any purchase ir 20 EUR. 


You can pay by the added credit/debit card or with the Fiat channel of your wallet. Just follow the payment instructions – and voila! There you are, a happy owner of your first AR.

What’s next? Let’s try to top your ARconnect wallet with your Binance app. 

Go to Binance app, choose Wallet – then Withdraw – choose Crypto and AR (Arweave). This window will appear. 



For the Recipient’s address, go to your ArConnect Wallet and copy the long combination of numbers, letters and symbols, and paste it in the address field. 



Then choose the amount of AR you want to withdraw, and click next. The app will probably ask you to fill out a very short questionnaire about the wallet, you do it, then enter the security codes from phone, e-mail, or other security login you choose, and that’s it. Well, maybe the transaction will take a few minutes, but anyway, it won’t disappear and this is how your ARconnect wallet is topped up with your first AR! 

Now you have currency to spend and invest in, e.g. Permacast or Decent Land or anywhere else in Arweave ecosystem. 

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