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How to Mint an NFT on Verto (And How it Works Behind the Scenes)

With JAY-Z, Snoop Dogg and Edward Snowden joining the craze, NFTs went from niche to mainstream this year. Even when the market’s down, JPEGs are up only. And while it’s nearly all happening on Ethereum, high gas and tough competition has created demand for NFTs on other chains.

We already looked at how Solana Summer took Arweave along for the ride to the moon, but there are a few Arweave-native ways to get involved, too, like Koii and Verto – these methods have the edge of being truly permanent and far less expensive.

Verto is a trading post for Arweave tokens of all kinds – fungible or not. Their UI overhaul in April this year introduced the first NFT collection in Verto Space, and now it’s possible to list individual items and collections of your own too.

A quick guide to minting an NFT with Verto

Go to and connect your wallet (ArConnect required). Click ‘Add’ next to All, under Tokens and Communities:

Click ‘Mint collectible’ at the bottom of the modal.

Give it a title and description.

Confirm by clicking ‘Mint’, and wait a few minutes for the transaction to mine. After a bit of a wait, you’ll see the collectible listed as a Creation in your profile.

Note: as of this moment, Verto’s trading posts are down for maintenance as they undergo a transition to a permanent, pure SmartWeave model. This means buying and selling collectibles is temporarily disabled.

The technical details

When you mint an NFT with Verto, on the backend what’s happening is a list contract interaction with the contract Verto uses to store all user identities, communities, and art on the platform.

This ties your Arweave wallet address to your newly-minted NFT and your Verto identity, enabling it to be displayed on your Verto profile as a collectible you created and own.

Each NFT has its own SmartWeave contract spun up from the master source.

The source shows a Transfer function that would facilitate the trading of NFTs like any other token on the Verto platform.

Visit Verto to explore tokens and collectibles or mint your own with ease!

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