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How to easily embed NFT sales into your website using Universe

Universe offers a simple, yet powerful way for anyone to embed NFT sales into their website. The team calls it NFT Embed. The best part about it? You can have everything set up in as little as 5 minutes!

NFT Embed

The NFT Embed widget-based tool – which just got a fresh new update – allows users to create code they can embed directly into their website. Users are able to simply copy and paste the generated code from the widget, which uses an iFrame format, into their own website. (The iFrame format is an HTML standard that is used to display a web page within a web page.)

Anyone that has created their web page via website generating services and tools like WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, and Squarespace, will be glad to know that they can easily integrate the generated iFrame code into their site too. The Universe team is also working on URL auto embeds and a React SDK framework.

To create the code for the embed widget, go to the NFT Embed website here. That is where you’ll be able to fill in all the details about the NFT(s) you want to include in the widget. You can select between a single NFT listing or an entire collection.

Currently, only ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum are supported, but the team is working on expanding to other NFT standards and chains.

There are different options and fields to fill in depending on whether you are listing a single NFT or a collection. For example, the ERC-721 Address field is required for both options, but if you are listing a single NFT, you will also need to specify the Token ID for that specific one.

Users are also able to include Finders Fees in their embedded code. Offers accepted through the code can payout a finders fee to an address specified upon generating the code. That helps with collaboration and joint marketing efforts when, for example, publications, reviewers, or websites use the code to promote the sale.

Once you have finished with all the settings, simply copy the Embed Widget code (that is generated) into your website code.

Using the NFT Embed tool and the generated code is completely free. Any sale made through the code is subject to a 0.3% fee. That is the typical fee charged by the marketplace smart contracts, and goes to the UniverseDAO. In contrast, OpenSea charges a 2.5% fee.

What’s more, users are able to set creator royalties for their NFT collections on-chain (EIP-2981 compliant).

The Universe team is working on bringing more features to the NFT Embed widget soon, including:

  • The ERC-1155 token standard.
  • Reservoir — a Web3-native NFT order book protocol.

All in all, NFT Embed is a great tool for NFT creators, promoters, marketers, or anyone looking to simply showcase an NFT on their website.

To learn more about the NFT Embed widget, visit

What is Universe?

Universe offers NFT creators digital tools to empower them on their creative journey including:

  • Efficient Collection Curating and Launching.
  • Easy to Use UI for Minting and Selling NFTs.
  • A Powerful Platform for Auctioning NFTs.

The underlying xyzDAO governs the parameters of the Universe Protocol functions.

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