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How to buy Arweave tokens ($AR) in America and worldwide

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More and more exchanges are listing Arweave’s native AR token, but it is still difficult to gain exposure if you’re a resident of the United States. This presents a problem for users looking to interact with apps like ArDrive,, Verto, and the rich Arweave ecosystem. However, there are solutions! Here you can find an overview of both the decentralized and centralized options for buying AR, wherever you are in the world.

Decentralized exchanges

everPay USDT/AR swap

everPay holds USDT and AR in a locked pool governed by watchmen at Goblin Team, who provide Arweave and Tether liquidity. Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance, everPay is available to anyone regardless of where they live.

Simply deposit USDT token into an ERC-20 wallet (such as Metamask connected to the Ethereum mainnet) and go to everPay to swap between USDT and AR in a decentralized fashion. Read a full step-by-step guide here.

Keep in mind because transactions go through Ethereum, fees may be higher than transacting through centralized exchange or directly through Arweave itself.

Wrapped AR (wAR) via everPay

Wrapped AR is an ERC20 token worth exactly as much as one AR. It is minted and transferred via everFinance’s product everPay, and tradeable on Uniswap. 

Wrapped AR gives Ethereum holders access to the Arweave ecosystem of dApps, and Arweave holders more choice of swaps and pools. Every wAR token is 1:1 with AR and can be swapped back any time for any token supported by Uniswap.

You can also buy wAR and swap it to native AR without relying on a centralized exchange. Swapping wAR for AR and transferring it to your Arweave wallet allows you to use Arweave’s apps like ArDrive and Verto. Read more on wAR and how to get it here.

Centralized exchanges


  • 24hr Volume: $26,928,698,730
  • KYC: Yes
  • Founded: 2017

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform by volume. It was founded in 2017 and has a daily volume of $27 billion.

Other than the more regulated Binance US product, Binance is banned in the United States, so unfortunately AR tokens cannot be bought by US residents.

To purchase tokens you need to comply with the KYC rules – a form of ID is necessary. You can swap between AR and USDT, BTC, BUSD and BNB. It has to be noted that there are periods of time when Binance does not support the withdrawal of the AR token, due to low liquidity or other unknown concerns from the platform’s owners.

Huobi Global

  • 24hr volume: $4,497,666,615
  • KYC: Yes
  • Founded: 2013

Huobi Global is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in China in 2013. It’s current 24hr volume is $4,497,666,615. 

Huobi is not available in the US so buying AR token is not available for US residents. As Huobi has a KYC policy you need to have a verified ID to withdraw your balance. You can swap between AR and USDT, BTC and ETH on the platform

  • 24hr volume: $1,493,906,699
  • KYC: No
  • Founded: 2013
  • Pair: AR/USDT was founded in 2013 and is a US company. Its 24hr volume is around $1.5 billion. Unlike others, Gate supports futures trading of AR.

User identity can be prompted to be verified by a KYC process – however, for withdrawals below 1000 USD it is not obligatory.  On you can swap between AR and USDT. 


  • 24hr Volume: $1,420,324,524
  • KYC: Yes
  • Founded: 2017
  • Pair: AR/USDT

BitMart was founded in 2017 and has a daily volume of around 1.4 billion. Up to this date BitMart has served over 2 million customers with 237 cryptocurrencies listed. 

Unfortunately, the sale of Arweave is not open to residents of the United States, and only users who comply with the KYC can buy the token. You can swap between AR and USDT.


  • Volume: $1,643,670,144
  • KYC: Yes
  • Founded: 2018 
  • Pair: AR/USDT

BKEX is a digital asset trading platform founded in 2018. Last year, it served over 1.5 million customers and it’s volume is around $1.6 billion

Only users who comply with the KYC can purchase tokens. You can swap between AR and USDT. 

  • Volume: $2,725,858,054
  • ID: Needed
  • Founded: 2016
  • Pair: AR/USDC supports over 100 different cryptocurrencies including Arweave. It was founded in 2016 and has a daily volume of almost $3 billion.

Currently, Arweave is not available to the residents of the United States via To create an account you need to comply with the KYC by submitting your information directly in the app. You can trade between AR and USDC.

24hr volume was captured at the time of writing.

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