Glacier Network Partners With PermaDAO

Those who know Glacier Network also know that its root is inextricably linked with Arweave, a permanent and decentralised web inside an open ledger that aims to build permanent storage to preserve humanity's most important data and host truly decentralised applications. 

Technologically, Glacier Network applies Arweave Log Data (ALD) based storage-based consensus paradigm (SCP) designed to store, share, and host datasets at scale to make the storage and query fully secure.

Now, partnering up with PermaDAO, the Co-Builder Community that is focusing on the adoption of Arweave as an infrastructure and creating a new and more diverse ecosystem, we are solidifying our commitment to Arweave building to a new level.

Who is PermaDAO?

Arweave is the infrastructure that undertakes the important mission in terms of permanently storing the crystallisation of human wisdom. With the increasing development of Web3, Arweave as an infrastructure will be applied by more developers to create a brand new and more diversified ecosystem. Based on this background, PermaDAO is established by a community of some co builders. All of the participants can find their own roles to contribute to the Arweave ecosystem. Any proposals and tasks about Arweave can be published here, this also includese the support and feedback from the whole community. 

Join PermaDAO and build Web3!

Our Partnership With PermaDAO

PermaDAO is one of the most active teams that back the development of the Arweave ecosystem. It is also one of the few that rolls out its own grant and investment program to help and incentivise those who share the same vision.

As a startup project trying to make a name in the Arweave world, we believe partnering with PermaDAO will help us find a foothold. Their grant and investment program will help us with the startup costs, expansion expenses, and the most needed research and development.

Furthermore, a number of other marketing and branding initiatives will be implemented by both teams in the coming months. However, since both teams share the same vision, we will stay flexible and timely in our future collaborations.

About Glacier

Glacier is building a modular, dynamic and scalable NoSQL database powered by ZK-Rollup. Glacier is a zk-rollup network that empowers decentralised apps (DApp) to build on decentralised databases (DDB). It provides programmable data composability solutions to easily and effortlessly handle data with GlacierDB.

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