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Gitopia Postpones Mainnet Launch, Rehashes Goal To Incentivise Open-source Builders

Gitopia, a code collaboration platform has said it will be moving its April mainnet launch date to May, citing legal issues being resolved as it plans to incentivise open source contributors which it says the global tech stack rests on.

Following a meeting held internally over the weekend, the platform announced a tentative date of May 17. Gitopia had said in March that the mainnet launch will be in April. It also disclosed that it was revising its tokenomics where it redistributed initial token supply to accommodate more rewards for the community.

In Web3, protocols and applications launch mainnet after a period of testing of features and security components. Mainnet launch dates are not usually cast in stone as projects could move the date forward if it believes there are issues that could prevent smooth roll out.

Legal aspects are being resolved and we’re working hard to ensure everything is in place for a smooth launch, Gitopia said in an announcement.

The project also raised questions about why open-source builders do not get airdrops like non-fungible token holders and delegators. Indeed, open-source softwares are free to use and anyone can change or add to it. Making source codes open is motivated by the idea that giving back to communities is a good deed that is not focused on financial incentives.

Gitopia said what makes it different from others is its built in workflow and incentivising contributors.

We differentiate ourselves through our built-in workflow, which deeply links incentives to open-source development and the source code where collaboration occurs. Our goal is to seamlessly incentivise open-source contributions, the project said.

On partnerships, Gitopia said it is looking to collaborate with big blockchains including Ethereum, AVAX, Solana and Polygon as well as Web3 communities such as Osmosis and Cosmosis, Akash and other IBS-enabled chains.

Adding exposure to Gitopia and providing value to these communities, it said about the goal of the future partnerships, adding that it is targeting the popular blockchains for “their strong developer communities with relevant use cases of the decentralised code collaboration”.

Although Gitopia said that it is not overly fixated on market share but collaboration, it noted, however, that advisors suggested it focuses on brand marketing and brand vision.


Adeola is a journalist at Arweave News. As a former freelance journalist, his works were published by Newlines Magazine, The Continent and the Mail and Guardian. He has interest in the intersection of technology and human lives.

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