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Gitcoin Alpha Round Set To Begin With 200 Selected Grantees, 3 Separate Rounds

Gitcoin is set to open a round involving its historically most contributed-to to 200 grantees as part of its decentralised grants test season which began in November 2022, an exercise it hopes donors’ participation will help improve user experience for the protocol.

A pre-select group of existing grantees will participate in three separate rounds that received the highest contributions over time. Among these are Open Source Software, Ethereum Infrastructure and Climate Change with a $1 million matching pool. Donations begin from January 17 to 31st.

Gitcoin said last November that it was retiring its centralised grants platform because it was approaching its limits and transitioning to decentralised grants that will be tested in subsequent months. The test period began with rounds in which Gitcoin partnered with the United Nations Children and Education Fund (UNICEF) and Fantom. Now it is launching the Gitcoin Alpha rounds.

“In the process (of donating), you’ll help us test and improve our UX for our protocol, enabling crowdsourced grants programs to the entirety of Web3 and beyond,” Gitcoin stated, adding that donors could browse through and donate to projects that have been approved in a single round by using grants explorer.

Donors can claim a POAP every round they participate in. However, it warned that user experience could have some issues as it is still in test mode.

Gitcoin said that grantees from GR14 and GR15 who satisfied some conditions were invited to participate in Open Source Software Round while 32 grantees who are building projects in direct support of the Ethereum ecosystem, including core client developers, tooling providers and developer education will be officially admitted to the Ethereum Infrastructure Round after undergoing review. 40 climate solutions-based projects from GR15 were invited because they received the most support in the previous round.

The success of the test period will contribute to the smooth launch of a decentralised new protocol.

This new protocol will enable funders to set up a grants program anytime and add more flexibility to grantees who can apply across different rounds and donors who want to provide micro-funding that helps influence the size of grants given to impactful projects, Gitcoin also said.

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