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Sam just shared tons of amazing news with all of us.Now, I want to use this awesome opportunity to share some news about everFinance.We’ve recently worked on rebranding, and decided to change the name from everFinance to everVision.Why’d we do that?

The reason why we are rebranding

When you first hear the name everFinance, what comes to mind? Perhaps a Financial company that does financial businesses such as broker, custody, insurance, right?

Such an impression will affect your overall understanding of our company’s business.

We need to soften that impression and abstract a name that can contain more.

So we chose everVision.

So what exactly do we do?

We spent almost 2 years focusing on Web3 infrastructure development and have produced 4 main products for developers and the ecosystem. They are:

  1. everPay, a real-time payment protocol
  2. Permaswap, a cross-chain DEX network
  3. Web3Infra, an open-source toolset
  4. PermaDAO, a co-building community

All of them follow the new development paradigm, SCP.

SCP’s narrative is not as same as the mainstream narrative in the crypto industry.

We believe that the future of Web3 has a Sweet Spot between decentralized and centralized.

That is what the SCP works for.

Our founder outprog will talk to you about it later.

So who are we?

We’re a Web3 infrastructure provider that will help you get into the Web3 Ecosystem.

Now let me introduce more about what we have built.

Lets start off with the core product. A real-time 0 gas fee payment protocol: everPay

It can be integrated onto a lot of products or platforms which will empower them to have the capacity to pay with crypto. All you’d need to do is integrate the everpay.js. Once that’s completed, you won’t need to worry about any TPS limits because that’ll depend on your server’s performance. You also won’t need to worry about program language limits, you can use whatever language you want for your code.

All this because everPay follows the SCP paradigm.

The second product is a real-time cross-chain DEX network, Permaswap

Because it uses the everPay payment protocol, it has all of everPay’s features, such as real-time exchange, cross-chain swap, and 0 gas fees. This brings valuable liquidity to the Arweave ecosystem and enables you to exchange your assets from different public chains all in one place.

little news here, we will release the beta version on the 10th October.

The third is an easy-to-use open-source development toolset, Web3Infra

It’s a high-performing development toolset, including an Arweave light node service called Arseeding. We’ll add more open-source tools, such as Goar, Arsyncer, and Turning, etc. These will Make it easier to build on Web3.

The above three are products, but products without people has no value,

So we created an Arweave ecosystem co-building DAO PermaDAO.

Anybody can join in and contribute; you can translate, write articles, organize online/offline events, contribute code, etc.

It’s not maintained through passion. We pay more attention to the participants’ contributions and reward them accordingly.

So a more transparent workflow and proof-of-work is important to this DAO.

We’re exploring ways to create a highly transparent workflow through some tools. We use Notion to collaborate, everPay to payout rewards, and Permaswap in the future for value transformation.

In addition to that, this DAO incubates projects. We plan to use $20 million worth of PSN tokens for DAO incentives and eco-project incubation.

That’s how we plan for the future based on our existing products. The tools are all ready, and it’s time for us to use them.

I believe there is a great migration going on from web2 to web3, we want to help and support as many people as possible that are moving over to Web3.

And move toward the vision

Sustain 1 billion people in accessing Web3.

Announce the establishment of Asia funding

Before I head off, there’s One more thing.

I am honored to announce that we will establish a fund with, to build a web3 ecosystem on top of Arweave in Asia. So if you are a developer and want to build something on Web3, just let us know. We will not only provide grants but also give you technical assistance. Use our Web3 infrastructures to make you more powerful.

Thank you very much!

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Based on Arweave Blockchain, everFinance is building a Storage-based Consensus Paradigm: development of middleware like MySQL, transforms traditional applications into trusted applications, integrates and internet and blockchain

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