everVision’s everPay Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Malaysia’s Asia Digital Bank

everVision, Arweave’s Web3 infrastructure provider, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Malaysia’s Asia Digital Bank. The partnership will open a new chapter in Arweave’s role as the underlying settlement infrastructure for innovative digital financial institutions.

It is reported that Asia Digital Bank will use everVision’s digital asset payment protocol everPay to fully upload the digital asset ledger of financial institutions to Arweave and use this as an opportunity to create a low-cost blockchain solution for trusted collaborations among multiple financial institutions in the future. 

In addition, the two parties will jointly explore a series of organic combinations of licensed financial institutions and Web3 technology in a legal and compliant manner, such as jointly building a digital finance management platform, jointly researching an aggregation trading platform, and co-creating a joint laboratory to create a prototype of a cross-chain multi-currency payment and settlement system.

The advent of the Web 3.0 era will comprehensively promote the upgrade of the Internet’s trustworthiness, inclusiveness, and security. More importantly, it emphasizes user-centricity, which is highly consistent with our original intention of Asia Digital Bank to build an inclusive self-financing ecosystem for global digital assets, said Andy Liu, Chairman of Asia Digital Bank.

“In this regard, the construction of infrastructure is undoubtedly the cornerstone. This time, we have joined hands with everVision to jointly explore cooperation in the field of digital assets in the context of the Web3.0 era with the model of licensed institutions + technology expertise. We anticipate laying the foundation and providing a reference for future multi-participation and cross-border cooperation in the digital finance industry, and build a win-win situation together.”

outprog, the founder of everVision, said, “The recent market turmoil caused by the crash of exchanges such as FTX has reinforced the importance of decentralized blockchain technology for core blockchain builders. DeFi has proven the success of decentralized finance by not generating bad assets due to market volatility during this market downturn. After 13 years of development, blockchain technology has been pushing the boundaries of technology and has reached the tipping point of mass adoption. Compliance assets and blockchain-de-trusted ledgers will be closely aligned, and the future is looking d bright! In the next five years, Web 3.0 will officially come to the masses.”

About everVision and everPay

everVision is a technology company focused on providing infrastructure for Web3. With a vision to support 1 billion users on the Web3 network, everVision explores a new paradigm of Web3 development that improves the user experience, lowers the development threshold, and enhances web performance. Its millisecond financial payment protocol, everPay, uses decentralized trusted storage to provide security and verifiability, creating a digital asset payment and settlement product close to the traditional Internet experience for users.

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About Asia Digital Bank

Asia Digital Bank Limited (Labuan Investment Bank) (LL16434) (Licensed Labuan Investment Bank) is an innovative financial institution established in Labuan, Malaysia, by a leading Chinese local state-owned enterprise, and was officially granted a digital investment bank financial license by the Labuan Financial Services Regulatory Authority in November 2020. 

Asia Digital Bank is one of the first licensed digital investment banks in the world to provide a self-service financial system based on blockchain technology and is currently relying on the digital financial meta-universe platform A-Bank to provide global enterprises and individuals with full-chain digital asset management and transaction services that are both compliant, secure, convenient and efficient, helping to promote the digital ecology of global assets.

Asia Digital Bank official website:
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