EverID testnet goes live, join to share 90 AR rewards

We are delighted to announce that the EverID test net is live. The everVision’s vision is to empower one billion users to access the Web3 network. How can we achieve this? We are exploring two key directions: improving user experience and lowering the barriers to entry for the Development. The EverID account model aims to reduce the entry barrier to blockchain, allowing more users to seamlessly enter the Web3 world.

What is EverID

EverID is the identity account system for managing digital assets within the everPay network. It allows users to quickly create everPay digital asset accounts through various methods, such as Crypto wallet addresses, email addresses, or biometric identification. The introduction of EverID significantly reduces the entry barriers for users, bridging the gap between Web3 and Web2, enabling traditional network users to effortlessly possess non-custodial accounts as well as manage their assets.

Why do we need EverID

Lowering user barriers: users no longer need to understand complex blockchain knowledge or perform complicated operations to back up private keys/mnemonic phrases. EverID leverages blockchain technology to safeguard asset security while simplifying the cumbersome processes and cognitive thresholds. By registering with just an email address to get a Web3 account , more traditional users can experience the new digital financial network of Web3.

Releasing the burden for private key management: in traditional digital wallet management, users' private keys serve as the unique Web3 identity ID and signature method. However, many users tend to lose or disclose their private keys, resulting in asset losses. EverID can employ the WebAuthn network identity authentication standard and use reliable key storage technology to manage user-created identity IDs, eliminating the burden of private key management.

Enhanced users’ experiences: using EverID allows quick access to the everPay network and facilitates real-time Web3 transactions without gas fees.

Participate in the EverID test activity to win a total of 90 AR rewards

Activity Period: August 9, 2023, 13:00:00 - August 15, 2023, 13:00:00 (UTC)

How to participate

  1. Register an EverID account by your email address. Registration link:

  2. Claim everPay network test tokens and initiate a transfer or swap transaction in the testnet by your email address account. Test token claim address:

  3. Fill out the EverID usage feedback form. Feedback form link:


    How to register EverID via email to use everPay?

Activity rewards

Rewards for transfer transactions: 70 AR

The top 20 users with the highest occurrences of the letter 'a' in the transaction hash initiated by the EverID account registered with an email address will be the lucky winners to receive AR rewards. Within three days after the end of the activity (August 15), we will send an email to the winning users to inquire about their wallet addresses and distribute the rewards. For an EverID account that initiates multiple transfer transactions during the activity, the transaction with the highest occurrences of the letter 'a' will participate in the reward ranking. In case multiple transaction hashes have the same number of occurrences of the letter 'a', the ranking order will be determined based on the transaction time.

For example: 👇 The number of occurrences of the letter 'a' in the transaction hash (you can check your everPay hash by entering your wallet address in everscan).


The transaction hash contains 3 occurrences of the letter 'a'.

The rewards will be distributed as follows.

Rewards for filling out the Feedback Forms: 20 AR

Based on the content filled out in the feedback forms, 20 users will be selected to receive a reward of 1 AR respectively. If any bugs are discovered during the testing process, additional rewards will be given based on the specific circumstances.


  1. One week after the end of the activity, we will announce the addresses of the winners.

  2. If you have any questions about the activity, you can contact us by Discord.

  3. The final interpretation right of this activity is reserved by everPay.

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