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Enter the Web3 Music Scene with Eco-friendly NFTs on Arweave - Pianity

The transition from physical tapes and CDs to digital music streaming marked a paradigm shift in the music industry. Now, another leap is taking place as we speak, but this time, it's bigger.

Web3 is not just revolutionising how music is stored, sold, and shared, but it's also transforming the power dynamics between artists, consumers, and intermediaries. However, like any innovation, it brings along its challenges, and in the case of blockchain technology, environmental concerns sit high on the list. Not all blockchains, though, are carbon footprint heavyweights. Arweave, a green blockchain, is one of them, and Pianity, a Web3 NFT music platform and marketplace, has chosen it as a base.

In their recent blog post, they explain the reasons why.

Let's take a closer look.

By choosing Arweave, we’re not only taking a stand for a greener digital music space but also empowering artists and creators to contribute to a sustainable digital footprint. We firmly believe that the environmental concerns surrounding blockchain technology should not be ignored.

Pianity and Arweave - the Future of Green Web3 Music

Pianity, chose Arweave after diligent examination of various options, with a prime focus on minimal environmental impact. Arweave not only requires less energy but also ensures permanent and cost-effective data storage.

Security & Sustainability

Arweave's model offers permanency. Its decentralised storage ensures NFT music files are stored securely and are accessible without the need for costly, energy-guzzling infrastructure. This resonates with environmentally conscious artists and record labels who can distribute their music sustainably. Being green (aka sustainable) is becoming one of the most important factors companies seek in today's world. Partnerships can literally not take place sometimes if a certain level of sustainability is not held by a potential partnering company. Pianity, in this aspect, is already ahead of the game.

Cost Efficiency

Arweave also tackles the cost issue in the NFT industry by significantly reducing minting and transaction fees. By lowering these barriers, Pianity can appeal to a wider range of artists, music fans, and crypto-enthusiasts, democratising the NFT music space.

All-In-One Package - Atomic NFTs

Unique to Arweave is the concept of Atomic NFTs. Unlike traditional NFTs, which often store only ownership details and a reference to the digital asset on-chain, Atomic NFTs store all components – smart contract, metadata, and the actual digital asset file – directly on-chain. This makes the NFTs more robust and decentralised, as it doesn't rely on external systems for storing the digital asset.

Pianity's Benefits

Pianity allows musicians to mint their music as NFTs on Arweave with ease and many benefits, such as:

Green - Arweave works on a Proof-of-Access protocol, consuming 100 times more energy than Ethereum.

Fair - $0 minting cost, $0 gas fee, while 80% of the transaction goes to the artist.

Eternal - The music asset and the contract metadata are stored forever on the blockchain, and you only have to pay once.

The pairing of Arweave's technology with Pianity's commitment to environmental responsibility demonstrates that the future of music, art, and technology does not have to compromise our planet. As more artists and consumers embrace this green wave, the NFT music industry can continue to thrive while also promoting the broader goals of sustainability and environmental consciousness. In the evolving landscape of digital art and music, as we continue to innovate and grow, we invite artists and music lovers alike to join us in this exciting and sustainable journey into the future of Web3 music. - Pianity

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