Earn trading fees by adding ARDRIVE/AR liquidity

We are excited to announce that ARDRIVE/AR trading pair was listed on Permaswap on the 14th of March at 2:00(GMT). Permaswap is based on AMM, which means that liquidity is provided by the users and uses a mathematical algorithm to determine the price of a digital asset. The price is, therefore, decided by the community/Liquidity providers. You can share the trading fees by adding ARDRIVE/AR liquidity when providing liquidity.

Now we invite all users interested in providing liquidity to become a liquidity provider.

How to achieve a whitelist

To deal with the initial influx of users and provide a stable trading experience. In the Beta version, your assets in everPay need to overcome 2,000 USD. Please fill in the form to join the whitelist. We’ll check submissions every day before 00:00 AM (GMT) and add a whitelist before 2:00 AM (GMT). If your wallet holds more than 2,000 USD before 00:00 AM (GMT), you can add liquidity after 2:00 AM (GMT).

LP application: /hbdk7XG3NgX7jhjL8

How to add liquidity

You can follow this tutorial to add liquidity:

Permaswap allows you to choose any price range when adding liquidity, which will improve the utilization of the pool. When you add liquidity to Permaswap, you must pay more attention to the price range. You can choose any minimum, maximum exchange rate, or full range, which will determine the token price.

Risk Warning: Before providing liquidity on a decentralized exchange, it is essential to understand the risks involved. One of the main risks of providing liquidity is impermanent loss. This can happen when one asset experiences a rapid increase or decrease in price, causing the ratio of the two assets in the pool to shift. Please do your due diligence and invest only what you can afford to lose.

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