Permaswap Newsletter #3

Hello Permaswap community,

We're excited to bring you the latest updates on our cross-chain decentralised exchange built on the Arweave blockchain. First and foremost, we want to extend a warm welcome to all of our new community members. We're thrilled to have you on board and can't wait to continue building the future of decentralised finance together.

Community Focus

In addition to the dashboard, we're excited to announce that the Permaswap client is now open source. This means that the codebase is freely available for developers to explore and contribute to. We believe that open-source tools are essential to creating a more inclusive and collaborative ecosystem. By opening up our codebase, we're enabling the community to build upon Permaswap and help us innovate and improve our platform.

Open-source tools are not only beneficial for the development community but also for the users of the platform. With open-source code, users can verify the integrity of the codebase, which leads to greater transparency and trust in the platform. Additionally, open-source tools enable users to customize the platform to suit their individual needs.

Product update

One of our top priorities at Permaswap is to provide a transparent and accessible platform for all users. That's why we're thrilled to announce the release of LP version 01.1.12. With this new update, liquidity providers can now access a pool dashboard that displays their total volume, individual volume, and earnings. This information is essential for users looking to make informed decisions about their liquidity provision and optimize their profits.


And now for the latest information from the Permaswap dashboard: (2023-02-17 UTC): • Volume: 11345.96 $ • Current Total TVL (total value locked): 249490.57 $ • Current Pool Count: 4 • Current LP Count: 6

At Permaswap, we're committed to creating a platform that's accessible, transparent, and community-driven. We believe that open-source tools are an essential component to achieve such goals. We're excited to see what the community will build upon the Permaswap ecosystem, and we look forward to continuing to provide a top-tier cross-chain DEX for all users.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

The Permaswap Team

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