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Arweave Bundlr Integrates with Polygon to Accept MATIC For Storage Fees

This week, Polygon became the first chain to integrate with Arweave to allow payment for storage in a token other than AR – MATIC.

The integration was built by Bundlr Network, which is a solution to reliably handle any number of transactions hitting Arweave, without dropped data or scaling issues. Instead of sending each individual transaction, the bundler server is a buffer zone for files to stay in until they can be safely stored on Arweave. It then sends them in one big bundle, providing an extra incentive for miners.

Arweave has already seen a massive increase in uploads thanks to Bundlr’s scalability by using the AR token alone; Bundlr accounts for around 70% of data stored on Arweave since its launch. Teaming up with other payment methods will mean an even faster growth rate for Arweave. 

“This integration marks a fundamental shift for the Arweave ecosystem. Until this point, access to Arweave’s storage has required AR tokens on the network, as well as a special RSA key pair for the user’s wallet. From today, Arweave’s data storage will be available with instant, guaranteed finality, via tokens and wallets on the Polygon network. We have started with Polygon due to their incredible traction in the Ethereum ecosystem, but this is by no means where the integrations end — soon, Arweave’s storage will be available from all major chains, natively.” – Sam Williams

As with all applications, this change will take time to adopt. Currently, users themselves can’t pay in MATIC as the wallet integration for end-users is not complete nor supported by key ecosystem apps. Instead, the application owner can fund their bundler with MATIC, essentially making their dApp free for end users.

To speed up adoption, Arweave, Polygon and Bundlr are launching a $9,000 USD developer grant to make Bundlr compatible with Polygon wallets. The task is to create a library which allows users to interact with Bundlr via WalletConnect as well as make an interactive web application allowing storage of data on Bundlr with MATIC tokens. Read more about the specifications and requirements here

Simultaneously, everFinance is working on a way to make any token from Ethereum to be able to be used to pay for storage. This would open doors for Arweave’s availability worldwide as any token available on Ethereum could be used to pay for storage. 

Polygon is known for its low transaction fees and broad range of scaling options. Polygon permits exchanging value globally and freely without intermediaries. It is built by a “decentralized team of contributors” worldwide. 

Find out more about Bundlr here.

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