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Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #24: The “Means of Communication” Edition

Context matters. And with what’s happening in the world currently, this tweet from founder of Arweave Sam Williams spoke to me:

Arweave isn’t just another token or a blockchain, it’s also an ecosystem of uncensorable solutions to preserve history, and ensure freedom of communication. Arweave is the stepping stone for solutions that the world so desperately needs right now.

With that sentiment, we invite Arweave based projects that we don’t often cover or maybe even follow on Twitter to reach out and let us know more about yourselves so we can be the most useful to the community and the ecosystem. From time to time, we attempt to map the entire ecosystem. But as it often is – the best work can be done together, especially in this fast-growing environment.

This week, as the OWF kicks off, and as we approach introductions to new projects we also need to remember the existing ones. So let’s take a look at how Arweave has done this week.

I. Arweave Network

Open Web Foundry 6 kicks off

“[..] it has the chance to completely change your life [..] and we, frankly, on the Open Web Foundry team, and the Arweave team can’t wait to help you and back you and see your journeys as they grow” – with these words Arweave founder Sam Williams opend the new OWF. Watch the Kick-Off Call here to find out more about what OWF is and why it is useful to build on Arweave.

You should also not miss out on Community Spotlight here.

You can also catch their first Deep Dive and a talk on NFTs on Arweave.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

everFinance releases an explorer for everPay data

This week, Arweave-Ethereum cross-chain DEX everPay has launched a way to explore transactions and statistics processed by their platform. The stats reveal that the total value locked on everPay is around $2.3m USD.

ArDrive weekly is out and a few days left in the bounty

ArDrive has just published the latest installment of ArDrive News, a weekly series showcasing the new NFT projects using ArDrive.

There is also only a few days left to submit your manuals to their public bounty for a chance of winning some $AR.

3em.js launches to the public

3em, an optimized execution machine for SmartWeave contracts written in Rust, has launched an easy way to integrate with JavaScript projects. 3em.js published documentation on the JS library here.

everPay open-sources Python SDK

everPay, a cross-chain DEX for AR, has made their everpay.py SDK available to the public. The SDK underwent testing as the code that powered everPay’s Winston Family NFT auction.

Spheron crosses 500 total projects, integrates Koii

Spheron is the easiest way to deploy a webapp front end to Arweave and connect a custom domain. Now, over 500 web apps use Arweave to host their UI.

Spheron supports KoiiX

KoiiX, an app framework that allows developers to integrate Koii attention rewards into anything, is now integrated with Spheron, too. This means it’s easier than ever to reward creators in KOII tokens for getting attention on their work.

KYVE releases 2022 roadmap

The much-awaited news on a timeline for KYVE’s incentivized testnet launch is here – Q1 2022. Following the testnet, KYVE will look to launch mainnet somewhere between Q3 and Q4. Check the thread below for the full picture:

Spheron discontinues staking program

Spheron will discontinue ARGO staking ahead of an airdrop to ARGO holders and the creation of a new token under the Spheron brand. Check in with the ARGO token on CoinGecko.

Traxa.io offers free NFT minting

Shipping container tracking tool Traxa.io has just launched a way to mint NFTs for free on Arweave, with a map that shows where each user mined their NFT from. This comes with the close of their ETH Global hackathon  event to expand the contributor team which ended this week.

Pianty releases new fiat payments methods

To make it easier to onboard new users, Pianity allows the purchase of NFTs with fiat – a layer of abstraction for processing the crypto payments in the background that bypasses the need for the user to have a wallet.

Koii’s Finnie can be used on everPay

everPay has integrated Finnie authentication on the platform, meaning that users of this popular ArConnect alternative can now easily log in.

Verses announces pluriverse.world

Verses, who published interdependence.online – a “declaration for the interdependence of cyberspace” on Arweave, has just revealed pluriverse.world. The site shows a writing which condemns the corporate takeover of the metaverse, and encourages systems with the value of plurality: “where choice is meaningful because difference and divergence are possible”.

Permacast posts a 10AR bounty to build a bulk-upload feature

Permanent podcasting app Permacast has put out a bounty for a developer to build a feature that makes it easy to upload multiple episodes at once. The first developer to successfully propose a working solution wins 10 AR.

Darkblock announces partnership with Sigh Ducks

Sigh Ducks, a Solana-based NFT comic book with unlockables, has partnered with Darkblock to store its assets on Arweave. As part of the promotion, Darkblock airdropped exclusive NFTs to contest winners.

Everpedia releases monthly update

Everpedia, a web3 encyclopedia which stores entries on Arweave, has published an update with more information on the IQ token, and chances to win NFT prizes.

Nil DAO announces Niliterium

Nil DAO, which stores NFT assets on Arweave, has announced a new way to track Discord bounties on a dedicated site, the Niliterium. The site features a leaderboard, and will the be the home for future Nil DAO missions.

Supernovas rundown

After an initial launch with DeSo’s native DESO token as the only money on the platform, Supernovas gas recently announced that both ETH and SOL are going to be options. As well as that, Supernovas is adding social features to the app.

CrypNote teases first public release

CrypNote has revealed that its first public release will be made available to holders of their debut NFT drop soon. The NFT drop, which featured quill-themed characters with customizable text, featured 1024 1/1s minted on Ethereum.

Meson Network and ShowMe will host a Valentine’s day event

Decentralized bandwidth network Meson has partnered with ShowMe to promote a challenge across 9 puzzles and 9 different web3 apps. Details of the puzzles can be found here, and the prize will be a Flamingo NFT.

Bundlr is hiring a Telegram manager

Bundlr, an L2 scaling solution for Arweave, is looking for a community manager to handle their growing Telegram channel. The L2 has seen increased popularity amid the NFT resurgence.


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