Arweave Puzzles: Thousands of Unclaimed AR Tokens Remain! Can YOU Solve Them?

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Author: Azriel @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Xiaosong HU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

In 2019, an Arweaver, known as 'Tiamat', crafted a series of mind-bending puzzles, each embedded with a hidden treasure trove of Arweave (AR) tokens. These digital puzzles were unique not just for their complexity but also for the substantial rewards they promised.

One puzzle offers a 1000AR reward, and it is still unclaimed!

Want to learn more, let's dive in!

The Unclaimed Digital Gold

Initially, the whole project was set up in 2019 as mentioned.

But fast forward to the present, and some of these intriguing puzzles remain unsolved, holding onto their valuable secrets. What makes this chase even more thrilling is the spike in the value of AR tokens. Initially valued at a modest $0.10, these tokens have skyrocketed to over $7 each. Solving just one of these puzzles, could give the average person a few months worth of wages, just like that, and you're having fun at the same time whilst trying to solve them, and potentially learning something as well.

The Enigma of Puzzle Number Three

Take, for example, the third puzzle referenced by Arweave's founder, Sam Williams further up. This particular puzzle presents a cryptic array of eight images, beneath which participants must enter a sequence of eight four-digit words or numbers. Crack this code, and you could be looking at a staggering reward of 1,000 AR, translating to an approximate $7,831 in today's market.

Source: https://viewblock.io/arweave/address/wHP6OPG5GMF5dedo_CD8AAy6x8La-gfI5b5pk65Tx_0

However, these challenges are not easy, as if they were they would all have been solved already. So put your mind to work and try to figure out the solution. They could offer you a hefty little treasure.

Source: https://kszeqgxezf5quhzld4nhpasyilhxphclq2peqi5mrn7utxmqhwga.arweave.net/VLJIGuTJewofKx8ad4JYQs93nEuGnkgjrIt_Sd2QPYw

The Rarity of Victories

The rarity of these puzzles' solutions only adds to their allure.

The last recorded triumph was about 10 months ago, and prior to that, it had been over two years since a puzzle was solved.

Each puzzle is a unique world in itself, with different formats and challenges. For instance, puzzle number 10 teases with an input bar, prompting the solver to type in their guess.

One might say that this is easier, but it's all about mindset and how you approach problem-solving. At the end of the day, the puzzles were designed as more than just a quick riddle as we look further down.


Designing a Mind Bender on Arweave

The puzzles were designed as intricate pieces of steganography, cleverly promoting the Arweave along the way. Each puzzle requires not only sharp analytical skills but also a deep understanding of cryptography and blockchain concepts. The puzzles range from deciphering hidden words and private keys in images to solving riddles that encompass blockchain intricacies and mathematical reasoning.

“I like tangible puzzles, like Hanayama. Then I saw a Bitcoin puzzle on Reddit and I realized that permaweb is such a good place to store puzzles because of the immutable environment. I also see it like a good way to raise awareness about the Arweave project.” - Tiamat, Community Spotlight: Meeting Tiamat

Despite everything mentioned above, the puzzles themselves actually showcase what Arweave is all about. what I mean by that is that they are permanently stored puzzles in a decentralised manner readily available for anyone to play who has access to the Internet.

If you look really deep down into what that means, you will start to see future in nothing from games to research to movies kept by a single centralised authority, company, or government. Arweave is the future of the Internet.

Lastly, it's worth pointing out this:

All of the Arweave Puzzles are stored on Arweave via ArDrive. For those who don't know, ArDrive can very loosely be considered the dropbox of permanent storage. (aka Arweave’s Permaweb)


ArDrive stands out by offering unlimited file size uploads for both public and private data, utilizing Arweave tokens. This capability is not just theoretical but has been practically demonstrated with the storage of a massive 13GB file directly on the blockchain.

The cost efficiency of using Arweave for such large-scale storage becomes starkly apparent when compared to traditional blockchain platforms. Imagine storing this 13GB file on Bitcoin or Ethereum. The estimated cost would be astronomical, around $35,620,000 if done on Bitcoin and a staggering $780,000,000 on Ethereum. In stark contrast, Arweave accomplishes this feat for a mere $87.


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