Arweave News AMA With ArDrive!

What are ArDrive’s upcoming updates and plans?
In the next few months, we are focused on spreading our reach with native mobile and desktop apps, as
well as improving the onboarding experience for new users. This includes an overall brand refresh (new,meaningful logos, look and feel, flexible ways to log in and get AR tokens to your wallet with a fiat on-

ArDrive is the best option for non-technical users… Is there any solution for non-crypto
users to attract them in the easiest way?
We hope to attract the non-crypto person by having an incredible community, a great user onboarding
experience, referral program, and usage rewards. Not to mention the apps have to be reliable and
trustworthy. For the non-crypto user it has to be incredibly easy to set up their first drive, refer their
friends and get rewarded with our Community Token for using the apps. Part of this is providing the right education and support materials so people can quickly understand the topics that aren’t so straight

Regarding tokenomics, when we can expect to see ARDRIVE listed on any CEX.
We are focused on making our products and building our community first before seeking to be listed on
a CEX.

ArDrive vs Evermore. Can you compare from the tech side?
Both apps aim to make it easy to get data onto Arweave and transact with the PermaWeb. There are
some differences. ArDrive uses Arweave File System for its tagging schema and key
derivation/encryption. This is how our current web app and upcoming desktop and mobile apps
communicate with each other, and it is also a flexible model for any other PermaWeb app to integrate
with. Our Web app and mobile apps use Flutter and Dart, while our desktop application is Node.js and
React. ArDrive has also focused on web app first, where Evermore has focused on a desktop app. Our
approach to the Profit Sharing Community management and fees are different, but we both are subject
to the same Arweave pricing model for our apps.

Does ArDrive plan to integrate “import” feature from google drive?
Absolutely! It would be great to connect to any existing file service, whether dropbox, onedrive,
googledrive or facebook and push data to a public or private ArDrive. We have smaller integrations in
the works right now (like Mask Network) and they are a good on ramp to bigger ones down the road.
We want to connect with as many Web2 and Web3 apps that could use pay once permanent storage.
Integrations will be a huge area of focus later this year, and are a great area for bounties posted on

What are the next roadmap plans?
We would love to show our latest roadmap and vision for ArDrive over the next 12-24 months. All of
this is subject to change based off of Community Feedback and usage. Some things will go faster, and
some will go slower, but we are hitting our goals and have gotten lots of excitement by our progress in
the last 6 months. We want to make sure we keep that up!! More hands are needed (whether
development or otherwise), so if you are interested in becoming a core community contributor, just let
us know!!

What are your future goals, and where do you think ArDrive will be in 1 year?
In one year, we would hope to have at least 20k users and over 200TB stored on Arweave! Hopefully by that time our apps are permanently hosted on Arweave, the community is larger then ever, and have many of the great features you would expect out of a file sync app, like image thumbnails, collaboration drives and even social features. Perhaps we start introducing new settings that require to
stake or use the ArDrive token itself. We also want to have the educational gap closed for potential
users – both on our part and as the Arweave ecosystem in general is more widely known. We want
people to put things in permanently with the same amount of trust as plugging in a credit card on the
internet. At first, you may think twice about it, but then it should become natural.
Our progress won’t stop there though, and we are always open for new ideas for making permanent file
storage better and more reliable and as trustless as possible.

Ardrive’s twitter : https://twitter.com/ardriveapp?s=09

Ardrive’s official Website : https://ardrive.io/

Ardrive’s telegram group : https://t.me/ardriveappshttps://t.me/ardriveapps

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