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Holiday Special: AMA with Abdallah and Xylophone of Arweave News

We are closing Season 1 of our AMAs for the Holidays and we let you ask questions to us – the co-founders of Arweave News. Abdallah and Xylophone answer your questions about the future and philosophy of Arweave News and the ecosystem itself. This is how it turned out:

You guys spend a lot of time in the Arweave ecosystem, which projects are your favorite & which projects do you think will help shape the future of web3? (I0XBOpJiEHMvAg0edsZNGdovL5xHmJyj4goCsVkm84Q)

We’re excited about projects that improve the core Arweave infrastructure. SmartWeave is catching on and proving it can power highly concurrent and scalable applications like RedStone – RedStone’s SmartWeave implementation brings more developer tooling and support, too. There’s also a lot of work being done to decentralize and incentivize gateways – big announcement coming soon there.

In the ecosystem itself, we love the big moves KYVE is making towards Arweave becoming the defacto layer 0 for other chains. everFinance is providing Arweave with a way to branch out to other chains, too – the everPay DEX, WAR, and wrapped ERC-20 PSTs are just some of the amazing projects they’ve worked on this year. With Open Web Foundry running constantly, there are always going to be game-changing projects popping up every few months, so a lot to get excited about.

wen $NEWS & wen moon? (SIfkKS8LLozTC40GHoNJzswDas14s5LAT_F6Z2VVoFc)

We’re planning to add a proper incentivization layer to permacast in the next few months, with $NEWS as the native token. $NEWS will also underpin any applications we build in the future. Moon soon, obviously.

Any plans to continue work with Arweavers next year and clues about who will be guests? (SS9aNmPjyK1fkNmipzYQJZCB25z7IPP2UprOWQpOJjU)

Yes, actually our collaboration with Arweavers will ramp up next year – expect more regular Telegram AMAs. We’re inviting ecosystem projects that we missed or couldn’t reach this year such as Meson Network, Verto, RSS3, Argora. Actually, as an end of year special, we’ll be switching things up and interviewing Arweavers founder Rob!

What are your plans to bring more awareness to the Arweave ecosystem? (4-OFVOk_LseB2qEcjzSOMZa1cKGjFp_6sK4JBah8uDA)

Right now our plans revolve around hiring more great writers and getting the international community involved for translations. We aim to be producing 2-3x more content by the end of Q1 2022, and distributing each article in multiple languages. Right now we have a grants program running for translators on our Twitter, and are working with some really promising writers we found after putting out a call that we’re hiring over the past few weeks.

I guess you are, like me, quite excited about the Arweave project and ecosystem. Yet one can imagine that there might be critical issues/problems to report on someday. Are you afraid that you might have a blind spot to these because of your excitement? If so, what do you do to counter the risk of that? (iS3-OCNogL8MXody1iRUpy5bu1GbpTMqcB6YeHTxgt0)

We’re definitely enthusiastic about Arweave and try to be as positive as possible, but we’re also not afraid to highlight problems. For example, when got taken offline by high volume amid an extremely popular NFT drop, we reported it. Arweave News is an independent media org, and when problems come to our attention, we don’t avoid them. However, the community, ecosystem, and core team are extremely positive and it’s very rare to find anything negative to say.

Our next AMA season will open in January with Meson Network. Visit permablog in January to ask them anything.

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