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Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #85 & #86: The ‘Path to Predictability’ Edition

With this edition, we have truly outdone ourselves. I "managed" to produce the weekly report in over two weeks. There is a reason for this: lately, the day when the weekly report was issued became something less predictable than the price of crypto. Eventually, this pattern had to be stopped somewhere. We hopefully closed the Brownian move of the weekly report and settled it for Friday, as it was traditionally.

Without further ado, enjoy the last hectic report:

I. Arweave Network

In the last couple of weeks, DMac outdid himself and shared more knowledge on how the Network works, than you'll probably find in the last six months combined. Ok, this is probably a slight overstatement, but not by much.

It's obvious that Arweave's inner workings are still arcane science for many individuals that are already accustomed on a surface level to what Arweave is and does, not to mention anybody else. So yeah, in this arid environment, threads like this one are a feast:

Winning narratives were built in previous "bull markets" on thinner fundamentals than DMac managed to present in about 15 tweets. I'm not even trying to summarise it here because I will spoil it. Just click the link, read the entire thread and then come back because this is just an appetiser.

Did you read the thread? Then you are already accustomed to the endowment. For it to be raised in the first place, there is the need for an upfront fee. Is this approach better than just creating a peer-to-peer marketplace? DMac answers this question too:

Ok, but how it's the price calculated in the first place?

Now, if you read all three threads above, you already have a pretty good understanding of how pricing the storage on Arweave works. You may even have an answer for a rather tendentious question: "What happens when the price of $AR drops? After all, you are paying in $AR, not in dollars, and the endowment is made out of $AR tokens." As you may expect, the price of 1GB of storage on Arweave fluctuates less than $AR, so if today's $AR is around 7$ and uploading 1GB costs around 5$, you'll pay now around 0.75 $AR. From that amount, more than half (don't remember the exact figure, and I'm too lazy to search for it, over 70% for sure) goes to the endowment and becomes locked, and the rest goes to the miners. If in the next week, $AR drops to one dollar, there is a high chance that 1GB worth of storage will still cost 5$, so you'll pay 5 $AR from which around 3 $AR will be locked in the endowment. In other words, when $AR is cheap, it's also highly deflationary. Now pair this with the fact that the supply of $AR is capped at 66 million, and you may understand how deflationary will manifest $AR at 1$.

Ok, but if you read carefully, you saw that the endowment will start to open as soon as there are fewer than 20 replicas of Arweave's dataset. Theoretically, if the number of replicas falls under 20 and the price of $AR is extremely low, then you'll have the perfect storm that will create some sort of problem for the network. Will it ever happen? Most likely not.

Twice of the current data set could be easily maintained on a storage server, costing 10k $ at maximum. In the Arweave community there are more than 20 persons ready to keep this sort of rig working no matter what, so good luck with expecting less than 20 replicas of the Network's dataset in the foreseeable future. It remains only to "force-trigger" in opening of the endowment which will mean that somebody will "spam" the network with huge chunks of data that will reach the overall ceiling of the combined storage existing. This will cost millions of dollars that were used for buying $AR because otherwise, the attacker couldn't spam the network. You would say that "Well, millions is not a big number for some people." and you would be right, but in doing so, they'd raise the price of $AR. Long story short, having them both is almost impossible: the endowment unlocked and the price of $AR dangerously low.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

The ONSF universe is ready for exploring!

This past week the team at decent.land, announced the private beta launch of the Open Name Service Framework (ONSF)! If you’re wondering what ONSF is, in the team’s words, you can think of it as an interlinked universe of naming protocols which enables developers to spin up a custom username layer for dApps, protocols, or chains in the blink of an eye. The framework is a one-stop-shop for all your needs, as it comes bundled with contracts, minting site, marketplace, explorer, and all the necessary dev tooling. Of course, ONSF is Arweave-backed, but also universal, thanks to its compatibility with a plethora of chains such as ETH, DOT, Solana, Tezos, and many more. It's like the Swiss Army knife of name services!

And the team has already found their first user! Raven Protocol plans to leverage ONSF to create a .raven user identity layer for their dApp, minted with their native token on the BNB chain. Imagine sovereign identity for communities, transacted with your community's token. We can almost feel the freedom!

decent.land is currently working 1:1 with projects adopting ONSF, and they're actively seeking more interested devs and projects to join the party. So, if you're a project that is ready to spin up your name service and make your mark in the ever-expanding crypto-verse, slide into their DMs! And if you don’t want to slide into a stranger’s DMs, there’s nothing to worry about, the team is planning to release the framework as a full-fledged self-service tool in the near future.

Now, you’re probably already seeing the resemblances between ONSF and the Arweave Name Service (ANS). And that’s because ONSF is an evolution of the team’s work on ANS and uses the same underlying technologies - molecule.sh, EXM and everPay, to provide a cross-chain name service powered by Arweave to the entire web3 universe.

Don’t worry, though; even with ONSF on the horizon, the team is very much focused on developing the ANS ecosystem and has already announced an integration with Handshake, so soon enough, your ANS name will resolve via HNS, the DNS-compatible decentralised, permissionless naming protocol. This means that HNS tools will support ANS website resolution, and you’ll be able to use the Fingertip Chrome extension, the hns.to gateway and many more, to access your ANS seamlessly.

Oh, and let's not forget the upcoming ArMoji release, which will enable support for ANS emoji short links. We’re only moments away from embracing the future with emoji-powered web addresses like 🤯.arweave.bio instead of writing out a long text address!

Redstone unveils their latest oracles

We also received some exciting news in the world of oracles this week! RedStone, the Arweave-powered oracle solution, has announced the launch of three innovative oracle models, aimed at meeting the diverse needs of decentralised applications within the ever-evolving DeFi landscape. RedStone has introduced us to RedStone Core, RedStone Classic, and RedStoneX, each designed to cater to specific dApp requirements. Because hey, not all dApps are created equal, right?

RedStone Core, an on-demand model, is the go-to for those builders looking to experiment with novel Data Feeds without having to worry about the gas cost of a standard on-chain storage oracle. In essence, it's like having your cake and eating it too, but without the bill.

RedStone Classic, on the other hand, is a push-based oracle designed for well-established dApps who prefer their data the old-fashioned way. It offers full control of the data source and update conditions, ensuring your dApp gets its data delivered right to its door when and how it wants it.

For those into more advanced DeFi protocols, RedStoneX provides a super-efficient solution that enables dApps to build complex DeFi instruments such as perpetuals, options or derivatives with no front-running risks.

Of course, we did not cover all the technical magic going on behind the scenes of each of these oracles, so if you want to learn more about their inner workings, be sure to check out the documentation at the following link.

All in all, the new models underscore RedStone's dedication to scalability, efficiency, and front-running risk mitigation, addressing the pitfalls of traditional oracles. In other words, they’re striving to make other oracles appear stuck in the Web2 era. So, if you’re a Web3 developer looking to evaluate oracles for your next dApp, be sure to check out Redstone first!

ArDrive 2.0 is here!

Brace yourself for ArDrive 2.0, a testament to the team's relentless dedication to keeping on building! The app has been revamped, refreshed, and restyled from the ground up, which means this update isn’t merely a cosmetic change, but a reimagined user experience aimed at making the platform more intuitive, user-friendly, and future-proof.

As per the team, every pixel of the app has been redesigned with a focus on intuitiveness and ease of use. And based on the refreshed user interface, the ability to login without usernames, and the improved multi-select and drag-and-drop uploads, we’re inclined to believe them. Plus, the team now boasts free uploads of up to 500KB on the new version of the app, so you can store even more for free! The dark mode is the cherry on the cake, but with a flurry of updates expected in the coming weeks and months, ArDrive is set on redefining the way users interact with their data.

The beauty of the permaweb (and of ArDrive) is that you, the user, are always in control. First, you don’t have to switch to ArDrive 2.0 unless you desire. The old version of the app is hosted on Arweave, which means you’ll be able to access it forever without any issues. It’s your choice which version of the app you want to use. Second, as per the team, ArDrive is steering towards becoming a community-run platform governed by the $ArDrive Token, which offers holders the right to vote on crucial community initiatives. This means you can shape the future of the platform and choose how your own user experience in the long run. It’s all in your hands, just like your data.

So, if you haven't yet given ArDrive 2.0 a whirl, now is the perfect time. And don't forget to take their user survey to let them know how much you love (or loathe) the changes. For all the details of ArDrive 2.0, you can check our full coverage at this link, and in the meantime, happy uploading!

KYVE’s mainnet received its first upgrade

KYVE, the protocol focused on Web3 data reliability and access, has announced the rollout of its first mainnet software upgrade, v1.1. This upgrade introduces a series of technical improvements, and notably, it enables token transfers via the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

In a cautious move to maintain security during the mainnet launch, IBC transfers had been initially disabled. However, following a secure and stable launch, the network now supports IBC, facilitating the sending and receiving of $KYVE and other interchain tokens.

It seems that during an independent review of KYVE's consensus codebase, a few non-critical issues came to light. The team made sure that their first upgrade also addressed and rectified those issues, improving the overall functionality of the network. The changes can be explored in detail on their GitHub for those interested in the nitty-gritty.

Post-launch monitoring also revealed a slight misalignment with the vesting schedules of the second-round investors and the project's tokenomics. The current upgrade has effectively realigned these schedules, ensuring consistency within the network's economic framework and ensuring everyone receives their hard-earned tokens on time!

So what are you waiting for? Go and put IBC to good use by transferring some $KIVE, and if you’re not already following the KYVE Foundation, make sure to subscribe!

everPay puts the user first!

Last week, the everVision team proved once more their dedicated commitment to their users by introducing a collaboration between everPay and Legend Trading to make the Arweave ecosystem even more accessible to new users!

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you wanted to purchase AR but felt stranded in the world of fiat currencies? You're in luck. Now, from the heart of the United States to the streets of Tokyo, in over 150 countries and regions, everPay users can easily buy AR and other crypto with 40 different fiat currencies including the major ones such as USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, and more.

As the world migrates to the web3 age, we’re sure you’ll love how easily everPay allows users to purchase crypto using either a credit card or bank transfer. VISA, Mastercard, ACH, SEPA, FPS - you name it, they've got it!

One might wonder - how does this all work? We’re here to tell you it's extremely simple. Just follow their tutorial, and within minutes, you'll be navigating the crypto ecosystem with some fresh AR in your possession. And, because the team is in a particularly generous mood, they're also throwing in a 30-DAY fee waiver benefit from the launch of the service. Because who likes fees, right?

So get your credit card and head on to everPay to get your hands on some AR and if you have any other questions about the service, you can check out our in-depth coverage at the following link.

Now that we’ve got the big news out of the way, the team also released two updates to everPay that may be easily overlooked, but which will definitely enhance the user experience in the long run.

First, the real-time payment settlement layer recently introduced risky address detection, a feature designed to keep its users safe from potential financial harm. If an address is flagged as suspicious or fraudulent, rest assured, the protocol will prevent any transfers to it, keeping all your funds secure.

Second, everPay has included a notice for withdrawals to Ethereum and what to avoid in order for your funds to arrive at their destination safely. This might not sound like much, but the little things count, right? And in the world of crypto, a little heads-up can go a long way. So whenever you’re looking to make your next instant, gasless transfer, make sure to head on over to everPay!

And if by any chance you’re looking for a new job or want to join the Web3 world, we’ve got some great news for you! The everVision team is looking to expand its team. So, if you want to join an organisation that is at the forefront of Web3 development, don’t miss a beat and make sure to be one of the first to apply! Check out all the job details and requirements in their announcement.

Gravitate your Diamond social experience

It looks like the future of decentralised social media is getting an upgrade, and it's looking increasingly anonymous and personalised at the same time! The FirstBatch team, the creators behind Gravitate, recently announced a partnership with DeSo Protocol, the architect of the Decentralized Social Blockchain.

For those who are not familiar with DeSo, the project is a Layer 1 blockchain engineered to handle the heavy lifting of data storage for applications like social networks, and it's designed to scale up for billions of users.

The partnership aims to integrate Diamond content into Gravitate's hyper-personalised feeds. Diamond is a Twitter-like application built on DeSo where communities can mingle, post cat gifs, and earn while doing so. Gravitate will serve as your digital butler, curating AI-powered feeds that include Diamond content, adding a fresh layer to your decentralised social experience. You can get TLDR summaries, customize your feeds, or even share posts with your mates directly from Gravitate. It's like having your cake and eating it, with your privacy being preserved the whole time.

To get all the details of the partnership, make sure to check out the team’s blog post and see how they intend to revolutionise the social media landscape. In the meantime, head on over to Diamond and Gravitate and experience the future of the social media experience!

Fair Protocol takes on the Goliaths of AI

We’ve also got word of a new David in the Arweave ecosystem. This particular David plans on tackling the Goliath of AI centralisation! It looks like the AI era, characterised by big tech monopolies and restricted accessibility, might just meet its end courtesy of the latest Arweave-based project, Fair Protocol. The team behind the project is composed of AI and blockchain aficionados and has one clear objective: to make AI accessible to all, irrespective of size or resources.

The centralisation of AI by tech giants has been a contentious issue, with critics citing the concentration of power and the limited access for smaller entities. The AI models developed in such an environment often carry biases, reflecting the interests of these dominant players rather than the needs of the many.

Fair Protocol’s proposed marketplace leverages the Arweave blockchain and its layer 2, Bundlr, to decentralise AI computation. This approach aims to address the problems of centralisation and bias, promoting greater equity, access, and transparency in AI development and deployment.

But, as with any disruptive technology, there are risks and warnings to consider. The technical details of Fair Protocol's solution are still being explored, and the potential pitfalls are under scrutiny. But, hey, nobody said toppling giants would be a walk in the park!

It seems fitting to give a tip of the hat to Fair Protocol for their bold vision. The team’s project is still work-in-progress, but they have released a comprehensive whitepaper outlining their vision which will surely make for an interesting read. Make sure to follow them on Twitter to find out how they are progressing and even get some sneak-peaks into how the end product will look like!

All you need is one click…

For what, you might wonder? Well, that’s simple, one-click for your project’s wiki! It’s that simple after the latest release by the ArWiki and Facts Laboratory, the builders behind the Facts Protocol and Permafacts!

The teams have built the OneClickyWiki to allow any project to easily create its own fully decentralized wiki on Arweave at a low cost of just 1 $AR. The OneClickyWiki offers a unique value proposition by allowing users to incentivize the creation of content for their products or protocols through their own Wiki tokens. Imagine creating a token and having people lining up to write for you. It’s quite a clever way to involve the community in the process of creating your documentation while making contributors feel appreciated.

The process of creating your own Wiki is as easy as a pie and you can also add an ArNS name to your Wiki using Permapages. For those of you who are new to this, don't fret. There are already some short videos showcasing how it all works and the team promised that detailed how-to videos are coming up, which will guide you through the process. It's like cooking with a recipe; just follow the steps, and you'll have a delicious wiki ready in no time.

And if, by any chance, you stumble upon any issues or have questions, swing into their Discord server. They are more than willing to help. After all, the teams are not just creating wikis; they are building a community. So be sure to check out the full announcement and get started on your very own wiki today!

Welcome to the Ancient Internet!

In an era where our online existence is just as important as our physical one, Twitter's recent clean-up initiative to dust away dormant accounts has caused quite a stir. But who could be better suited to preserving all your data than the Arweave ecosystem?

So fear not for the fate of misplaced and sometimes forgotten Tweets, as Capsl8 is here to save the day with their brand new offering, the Ancient Internet! AncientInternet.org is the perfect antidote to Elon Musk’s initiative, offering a streamlined and quick way to archive entire Twitter feeds in under 30 seconds - because, apparently, we all want to immortalize our cringey tweets from 2010?

Twitter's decision is akin to spring cleaning an old wardrobe - something Marie Kondo might appreciate, but those with sentimental attachments to their old handles might find a bit ruthless. However, AncientInternet.org, inspired by the music artist, Grimes, offers a digital sanctuary for these "ancient" digital footprints, ensuring that even the oldest of Tweets can still be appreciated in all their glory and their history will be preserved.

The best part? With the help of the Ancient Internet, you can back up your cherished accounts without needing to dig into your wallet, it’s all free! So, go ahead, secure that part of your digital past that includes your first tweet or that poetic declaration of love to pizza you posted at 2 am and while you’re at it, also make sure to archive all the Twitter feeds that might end up purged. In the meantime, make sure to follow Capsl8 to see what else they develop next!

Akord delivers on its promise

As we told you in our last weekly report (at this point, can we even call it a weekly report anymore?), Akord promised us that they’ll be releasing a bunch of new features in the next period. The good news is, we’re here to tell you the team followed through on that promise, and users can already enjoy some new features in the Akord app!

Let’s start with the big one, users can now delete their own Akord accounts. In the highly unlikely event that you've grown weary of the many benefits the permaweb provides, you can now delete your Akord existence with a simple in-app notification. As we’re still talking about the permaweb, the data will still be present and accessible on Arwewave, the deletion happens just for your Akord account. Be warned, though, we’ve heard deleting your Akord account might induce feelings of severe digital emptiness…

For the rest of us, still enjoying our decentralized experience, there are many UX improvements that the team has released, such as being able to check the history of your paid invoices under your Accounts. Plus, gone are the days of the chaotic, messy vaults; now, you can sort your vaults to your heart's content, and the sidebar will respectfully mirror your decision.

The drag-and-drop functionality has also gotten a boost, with users now being able to drag files into folders and even folders into folders! That's right, folders have started swallowing their own kind! A cannibalistic move, but an organizational win…

These updates are just another proof of Akord’s continuous dedication to improve user experience and building a seamless way for you to store and manage your data on the permaweb. So, to enjoy all of the team’s updates, make sure to head on over to their app and start organizing your digital life once and for all!

Warp Contracts receives a new Discord home

This past week, we also received an announcement from Warp Contracts that they are migrating to their own dedicated Discord server. As per the team, with the expansion of the Warp ecosystem alongside Redstone, the necessity for distinct Discord communities to better serve each project's community was becoming increasingly apparent. The transition will allow for a more focused environment where members can dive deep into Warp-related discussions, providing members with a better user experience.

This move signifies an important transition and reflects the rapid growth of the Warp ecosystem. While it might be an adjustment for long-standing community members, Warp Contracts promises that the temporary simultaneous operations on both servers, which will last till the end of May, will ensure a smooth transition. Post this period, all Warp operations will be exclusively conducted on the new server.

The original server will still remain functional and will be dedicated solely to Redstone Oracles, enabling the project to refine its focus and continue developing its specific line of work.

All users and developers are encouraged to move on over to the new Discord server which can be found at this link. And be sure to follow the team on Twitter so you can find out the latest news related to the migration!

Arweave Communities are taking over the world!

We also received some great news from India this week! Arweave is making its mark on the map, starting with the first independent community event in the heart of India's tech hub - Bengaluru. The gathering was a hotbed of creative crypto and decentralization enthusiasts, that got an intro to Arweave and explored the many use-cases for which it can be leveraged. Of course, the main draw of the event was the networking part and getting to meet your peers that are also using or building on Arweave. And from the photos we’ve seen, it’s been a success!

Don't underestimate the power of in-person networking in a predominantly digital sphere. Whether you're a seasoned web3 developer, a thriving ecosystem advocate, or simply a die-hard Arweave fan, it's time to step up and show off your web3 chops at the next community events. It looks like the next event is planned in London, but the fun won’t stop there, Arweave wave is also stirring up interest in the US and Australia so expect to see events popping up there as well.

If you fancy yourself a host, or if you're just someone with a penchant for fun-filled, tech-laden events, you're in luck. The Arweave team is offering you a chance to host your own local meetup. Complete a simple form, and who knows, you might be the one to bring the Arweave revolution to your hometown. Plus, the team has promised to help you foot the bill for the venue or the food and drinks - not a bad deal, eh?

Stay tuned for more information by following the Arweave Hub, the one stop shop where you can find the details about Arweave community events, and remember, where Arweave heads next, is in your hands!

Hansa launches its new growth accelerator

This week, Hansa rolled out its new growth accelerator aimed at giving web3 founders the extra push they need to scale and bring their products to the masses! The program offers customized growth plans, extensive hands-on support, mentorship from top-tier industry veterans, and quite interestingly, an equity-back guarantee.

The accelerator is Hansa's brainchild to encourage "collaboration over competition," reflecting the ideals of the open and composable Web3. For the founders who have seen this pitch a hundred times already, rest assured, Hansa does not take a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, but their accelerator is a custom-programmed, high-touch service, that is tailored to your project's needs. Plus, Hansa promises to connect you to the kind of investors who not just bring capital, but a strategic advantage that can make all the difference in the world of web3.

Always the visionaries, Hansa has cast its eyes to the future, a future of open societies. It's not merely satisfied being a passenger on this journey, but it wants to empower the gutsy founders who are hell-bent on constructing this future from scratch, without the baggage of the antiquated systems. In Hansa's world, it's all about forward momentum that brings a positive impact to society. The team is not interested in projects looking to build the next leveraged trading tool or capitalize on the latest web3 craze, but projects that want to bring real change forward.

And if you’re wondering why we are covering Hansa in the Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report, well let’s just say they’ve been part of the Arweave family for a long time already. In fact, they were the first investor to cut a cheque for the development of the Arweave network, so we owe them a thanks for identifying the disruptive potential of the permaweb.

To sum it up, if you’re a Web3 founder, and you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it. Get on board with Hansa's accelerator and find out what it means to have industry leaders in your corner. For more information follow the team on Twitter and access their website to apply!

WeaveDB is scouting for Fellows

We also received another exciting announcement for founders and developers this week from WeaveDB! The team has joined forces with the likes of Arweave, Fleek, Lens Protocol, Lit Protocol, and Mask Network to kickstart the "WeaveDB Fellows," a six-week hackathon for developers who dare to disrupt the web3 space.

With this program, WeaveDB aims to tackle one of the more lingering questions of the web3 ecosystem - can an application truly claim to be decentralized if it's linked to a centralized database? And that is where their decentralized, scalable, and reliable database solution comes in. As part of the hackathon, builders should transition their storage to WeaveDB’s Arweave powered database or build something from the ground up that takes advantage of its NoSQL architecture.

The WeaveDB Fellows program invites developers that possess a good understanding of the blockchain space and have a record of successful building projects, to showcase their ingenuity. With a team limit of 2-5 members, the opportunity is ripe for those ready to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Developer DAO members will be given priority in this edition as part of the ecosystem partnership between the teams. The party starts June 9th, although you may want to RSVP early. The application window is only open until June 1st and there are limited spots, so don’t waste any time!

The partner projects enlisted by WeaveDB have contributed generously to the prize pool and have even enlisted the services of impartial judges, which means that winning participants have a chance at grabbing a piece of the $22,000 prize pool! Excited yet? Hold on, it gets better. Several top-tier venture capitalists, including Arweave, IOSG Ventures, Hansa, and Mask Network, are on the prowl to scout promising ideas from the hackathon. So you not only have a chance of winning the grand prize, but also obtaining funding for your idea!

So, if you're a developer itching to make your mark in the decentralized world, or if you just love the smell of fresh code in the morning, then WeaveDB Fellows might just be your golden opportunity. But the time is ticking, so make sure to enroll for the hackathon and follow the team on Twitter to stay up to date!

III.Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 

In translation "Who guards the guards?" Or "Who watches the watchers?" A question that can be traced to ancient Romans, and that still has its relevance. Arguably this question encompasses something that, until recently, was an inconvenient but unavoidable truth: disregarding how complex a social system is, ultimately, it has to rely on some dose of trust/belief. There will always be somebody/something that will end up not being accountable or scrutinized and that has power over the rest of us. Separation of powers, checks and balances, all those innovations tried to alleviate this fact. However, it would be naive on anyone's part to believe that the power of an individual is on par with the power of any centralised construct - even if that construct is meant to serve him. 

Please read the context put by Twitter users on the initial tweet made by Elon: "The internet Archive is a non-profit organization, it has no owner." That's not at all relevant. Besides DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), no construct can guarantee the lack of foul play/immutable and non-tamperable content. Nepotism or not, this question couldn't ever be formulated for anything stored on Arweave.

I.V.Arweave explained by Juvenal – thanks to ChatGPT

Who's Juvenal, you may ask? The guy that allegedly formulated first the question about the watchers. I'm sure that he would have found Arweave quite interesting.

Lo and behold, this modern marvel called Arweave! Like Rome's aqueducts, it channels not water, but the flow of human knowledge, unceasing and vast. Encased in the ether of cyberspace, this blockchain of wisdom, secured and resilient, persists against the passage of time.

The gladiators in our Colosseum face their challenges with great bravery, striking a balance between offence and defence, speed and strength. Similarly, Arweave grapples with the blockchain trilemma: decentralization, security, and scalability. Yet, unlike our gladiators who must accept their limitations, Arweave cleverly circumvents these constraints, proving itself a victor in the grand arena of technology.

Our emperors could learn a thing or two from Arweave. For while the whims of power may change the course of human history, the immutable record of Arweave stands unyielding, a testament to mankind's intellectual achievement.



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