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Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #69: The ‘Arweave’s Voice’ Edition

So, what happened in the past week on Arweave? Daily transactions are constantly hovering above the 2 million TXs threshold,  Weave DB closed their pre-seed funding round – showing all of us that where there is value, there will always be investors, disregarding the state of the market.

Keep in mind that this is only one piece of news on Arweave, if you want to catch’em all, dive into our current weekly report.

I. Arweave Network

The trend of over 2 million daily transactions continued into this week, also. It seems that if last year accustomed us to an average of around 11 million daily TXs, this year, the plateau will increase twofold. But hey, let’s not rush to conclusions, if there’s a resource, Arweave has plenty, it is time, so let’s let the time speak.

Actually, if you want to take a peek into the future, take a look at the Warp Contracts thread that analyses “who and why is bullish on Arweave’s growth in 2023”.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

WeaveDB got funding!

The team at WeaveDB announced the completion of their pre-seed round this week, managing to raise over $900,000 dollars from multiple Web3 investors! The round was led by Permanent Ventures and sets the foundation for the further development of WeaveDB’s NoSQL Database. In case you’re not familiar with WeaveDB, the team is building the Firestore of Web3, leveraging Arweave for the permanent storage of data.

Congratulations to the team for the fundraise and the vote of confidence from some of the leading Web3 investors! And if you’re in need of a database for the next dApp you’re building, make sure to check out the team’s technology.

Bundlr launches their YouTube channel

In our last weekly report, we told you about the importance of documentation for any technology project and how Bundlr started out the year by fully revamping its docs. This week, we’re here to tell you that the team kept its promise and has also delivered a new series of video tutorials to help users get started with their technology. To host these tutorials, they’ve also launched their brand new YouTube channel, which will be the central point for all Bundlr-related video content.

To celebrate the launch of their new tutorials and YouTube channel, the team is also giving away a special New Year’s NFT! Check out their blog post to learn how you can win your own shiny Bundlr NFT.

Redstone is now open to Mantle Builders

As Redstone has accustomed us, not a week goes by without a new partnership announcement. This week, it’s the turn of Mantle, the first DAO-initiated Ethereum layer-2 network! Builders on Mantle can now leverage Redstone’s Oracles to access reliable, and cost-effective Data Feeds for a large selection of over 1100 assets. If those don’t suit your needs, you can also easily create a custom Oracle using Redstone’s Custom URL feature. If you’re building or planning to build on the Mantle network, make sure to test the new Oracle and enjoy the abundance of data.

Pianity meets MetaMask

Pianity, the music NFT platform built on Arweave, announced this week a brand new integration with MetaMask! By leveraging Redstone’s Arweave gateway, users of Pianity can now easily create an account on the platform by using their Ethereum wallet. This means that all the assets owned on the platform will be properly attributed to the user’s Ethereum address without any additional steps. With MetaMask being one of the most utilised Web3 wallets in the world, this is a great step towards making Pianity available to more users in the Web3 ecosystem. This release seems be only the beginning, as the team is also developing Arsnap, an Arweave wallet that will integrate into Metamask and will allow users to view and manage their Arweave and Ethereum assets in one central location. Check out Pianity’s web or mobile apps to listen to some great music, and who knows, you might even purchase your first record!

Have you heard about the Sender?

In the past couple of weekly reports, we’ve been singing praises to decent.land’s team for their relentless building, but it seems the team wanted to surprise us this week and released an entirely new protocol!

Sender Protocol is the team’s answer to the Web3 notification tools of today – a flexible, on-chain notifications protocol powered by EXM and molecule.sh. Sender enables dApp developers to offer opt-in notifications to their users seamlessly and gasless. And because EXM contracts can be signed by any kind of wallet, Sender works with a myriad of blockchains including Arweave, ICP, NEAR and any EVM chain. There’s a list of endless features Sender can power in today’s notification-fueled world, but by far, the most interesting one the team has proposed is encrypted on-chain messaging! We have to admit, we’re excited to see the evolution of this new protocol, so make sure to stay tuned and who knows, perhaps one day, we’ll all be chatting through Sender.

Arweave’s Voice is here!

And last but not least, we couldn’t miss the opportunity of doing some shilling for ourselves… As many of our readers might already know, Arweave News, together with PermaDAO, launched a new initiative called Arweave’s Voice!

Well, what is Arweave’s Voice all about? In short, it’s our attempt at creating a community forum where the latest developments in the Arweave ecosystem are freely discussed. As part of it, we are hosting a series of Twitter Spaces where we have guest projects join us and share their unique perspective on Arweave. For us, this initiative is all about engaging with the community, and that’s why we are also organising a linked series of competitions to reward our followers!

We think we got off to a great start as for our introductory episode, we’ve had the great pleasure of hosting Sam Williams for an engaging discussion around Arweave! We covered the current state of the ecosystem, Arweave 2.6, Fair Forks and his plans for 2023.

And we’re already preparing for our second edition! The competition is underway, and the announcement for the Twitter Space is due shortly. Make sure to follow us to find out who is going to be our next guest, and don’t be shy, make your voice heard and enroll in the contest!

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

To be honest, we don’t know if the Tweets below represent a subtle exercise in irony or are just a scary reminder of our current reality.

The perfect opposition between the news reported by @verge and the screen-shot presented by Twitter user @gamingonlinux made us fall into a state of disbelief. “Neah, it can’t be, Elon couldn’t post this and then do the exact thing in 6 months he branded as a characteristic of “bad” systems.” Well, it’s a fact, Elon Musk tweeted it!

So what? People are constantly changing their views. Also, being forced to pay interest + 44 billion $ represents quite a big incentive to forget what you thought only some months ago. That’s the beauty of Arweave. You won’t be tied to the whims of a human. A protocol has some innate shortcomings; decisions can not be taken quickly, overall maybe is slower than its centralised counterparts, and definitely not that profitable, but hey, you won’t encounter arbitrary actions that contradict even the views of the owner of that structure.


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