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Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #67: The ‘Successful Audit Report’ Edition

Another week of turmoil in the broader crypto arena, another week of building for the Arweave ecosystem. The flagship this week is represented by the successful security audit report on Arweave 2.6, but as I said, this is just the flagship of an armada of news: Decent Land scores points cross-chain, Permaswap is in beta and ECHO launched their extension.

Yeap, the holidays are around the corner, and the ecosystem is already spreading its gifts.

I. Arweave Network

Remember Arweave 2.6? The version that promises to bring Arweave, as a protocol, closer than ever to its final shape? We sure do, and since its announcement at Arweave in Asia event, we have been eager to see it rolling. It seems that the security audit is done, and the results are pretty good. The auditor found only three risks which are categorised in the lowest spectrum of the scale of the risks, described as “informational”. So yeah, like Sam said, probably some “finishing touches” are likely to be made in the incoming weeks, and we’ll see rather soon the 2.6 version deployed.

On a personal note: I can’t wait to set up my own energy-efficient Arweave node.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Who’s the cross-chain winner?!

For the past few weeklies, we’ve been telling you about the amazing work decent.land has been doing and the new features they released as part of the Ark Protocol. Their efforts are starting to be recognised across the entire Web3 ecosystem, a testament to this being their recent win at the EvmosCovalent #OneMillionWallets hackathon, which was organised by Encode Club. The team participated in the Cross-chain tooling category and won the first prize for their development of an Evmos integration with ark.decent.land, bringing support for Evmos NFTs on ar.page. Congratulations to the team for their awesome work and we’re sure we are going to see many more such wins in the near future!

Now, if you thought the team would have taken some time off to celebrate this win and we wouldn’t hear from them for a while, you would have been mistaken, as they also took the time to release a new update to their EXM developer tooling, molecule.sh. With this new update, developers can now sign Arweave contract interactions with wallets across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Solana, Stacks, Zilliqa and Polkadot. Make sure to check out molecule.sh and see how it can help you build the next generation of dApps.

Bundlr is now Nested

Have you heard about Nested Bundles? Last week we received the news that nested bundles are now supported by Arweave as part of the updated ANS-104 standard. As expected, the folks over at Bundlr did not wait too long and already implemented the new functionality as part of their network. We are now starting to see the benefits of nested bundles and besides the advertised higher throughput, there are also added usability advantages, such as being able to upload an entire folder with just one click and uploading multiple files at the same time. Head on over to Bundlr and make sure to check out the new functionalities in action!

Permaswap is ready to RUMBLEEE!

You might remember just a few weeks ago that the team at Permaswap concluded their second testnet. Right on the heels of that success, the team announced the launch of their mainnet, albeit in the BETA phase for now. This marks a crucial milestone for the Arweave ecosystem, with the launch of our very first cross-chain DEX!

The team has announced a limited number of trading pairs that are available from the start but have promised that PSTs will start being listed throughout the BETA phase. Access Permaswap to make your first trade and if you’re interested in becoming a liquidity provider for the DEX, the team has created a simple process to become whitelisted, which can be accessed here.

everVision always puts safety first

The everVision team has announced a new strategic partnership with Safeheron, a leading Web3 provider of self-custody solutions for digital assets. As part of the partnership, everVision is now safeguarding its assets using Safeheron’s technology, and furthermore, the team plans to integrate Safeheron’s entire Web3 product suite into the everPay protocol. Together, the two teams aim to offer users improved digital asset management by putting security at the forefront. Stay tuned for updates coming out of this collaboration!

Do you feel a sudden urge to comment?

You might already be using ECHO to like your favorite Web3 content, but the team wasn’t content with only that. They’ve now released the ECHO extension in order to allow you to comment on NFTs and articles hosted on OpenSea, LooksRare, viamirror and others. If you’re wondering, all comments are free and permanently stored on Arweave, so don’t worry – you’ll always be remembered of your bad taste in digital art. If you’re more of a social media person, the team has teased that comment support for Twitter might be coming soon, so stay tuned and install the ECHO extension to start commenting!

Are you new to Arweave? It’s your lucky day!

If you’ve been dabbling in the Web3 space and in the Arweave ecosystem but weren’t quite sure where to start, the Arweave team has got you covered. They’ve created a simple onboarding tool in the form of Earnables which walks you through your first steps in the world of Arweave and, in the end, rewards you with your first NFT! All you need to do is create your ArConnect wallet, follow the team on Twitter and upload your first files through ArDrive. Simple as that. Just make sure to be fast, as the supply of NFTs is limited and only 25 can be minted in the first phase. What are you waiting for? Head on over to Earnables and claim yours!

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

What feels wrong in the situation below? Is it perhaps the arbitrary decision of one person on who is and who isn’t allowed to post on Twitter? Is it the fact that the person who now decides is the one that was promoting free speech and promising that everyone would have a voice on their platform just a couple of weeks ago? I think this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this play out, a charismatic leader or entrepreneur declares himself the saviour of the internet and free speech until the tide turns against him and the first critics appear, a moment in which he quickly proceeds to have them silenced. Unfortunately, the news below also present a different issue, the pressure a government can place on a person or an institution to influence whose voice is allowed to be heard and whose voice it is not, something that occurs more frequently than we’d like to believe. A double fold no-no in one tweet.

Luckily, on Arweave, you won’t encounter any heroes full of good intentions and immense power; rather, you’ll find a decentralised protocol that can successfully resist the pressure of governments and outside actors and that has no hint of subjectivity. Everyone is free to use Arweave and have their “true” free voice conserved forever, as data on the network is, by default, immutable.


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