Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #8: “Over Nine Million” Edition

In keeping with our permanent theme of reaching new heights, this week the Arweave network breaks some serious records… again. The monthly numbers are in and growth is looking higher and more exponential than ever.

There’s also recorded livestream with Arweave founder Sam Williams you won’t want to miss, a ton of movement from big projects like RedStone, and some brand new ideas from ecosystem developers.

I. Arweave Network

Bundled transactions go from 0 to 9,000,000 in a month

Last month shows an enormous growth of 522.6% in data stored on Arweave, as well as +57.6% in TX (transaction) volume. This comes despite the fact that in August, bundled TXs weren’t available yet as in September there were over 9,038,149 bundled TXs. You can check out the specifics here.

The Web3 Index livestream with Sam Williams

Sam Williams, the founder of Arweave was a guest in The Web3 Index Livestream this week with leaders from the top Web3 projects in the ecosystem. He spoke on the state of Web 3.0., where it’s going and why a fundamental Index matters.  You can see the whole thing here.

The Graph protocol integration with Arweave

The Graph announced recently that they will integrate with Arweave protocol opening exciting prospects for the future of decentralized data storage. This data storage system will offer a permanent one time upfront fee option supported by Arweave.

The Graph is “a Web3 protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data with GraphQL”. They currently support 22 different networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and more.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Verto maps the ecosystem

Starting the roundup with the state of the Arweave Ecosystem by @vertoexchange, showing the categories of some great projects. As you can see, currently, the most is happening in the social media field with four cool projects – Argora, Decentland, Ecclesia and Permabot.

The community seems hyped about what’s to come in the Arweave Ecosystem, too. And we, at Arweave News, are excited to be a part of this.

The logos and metadata for the map can be found here.

Akord – the Swiss Army knife for owning your data – announces a giveaway

Akord is a collaborative data storage platform which is looking to become fully decentralized. They are a Paris based startup with big ambition and a neat goal of making it easy for users to preserve their digital heritage.

This September they entered the Beta phase and are moving their data storage over to Arweave. They also gave away 1000 MB to 1000 new Akord users totaling at 20k USD worth of giveaways which prompted a shout-out from one of the biggest crypto-channels on YouTube – Coin Bureau.

They also had great traffic stats and have entered an investment round. And more giveaways are happening so check out more on their news and what to do to get 100 MB of permastorage here.

A practical overview of bundled transactions for NFT storage

Developer and writer pencilflip has published the second part of a guide to storing NFT media and metadata. It found a nuance in arweave.transactions.post(transaction) which could be confusing if you’re not checking the transaction status via arweave.transactions.getStatus.

It then offers Arbundles as the solution which not only works instantly but guarantees your transaction ID will always be usable. To find out how exactly it works check out the full guide here.

Pianity Collectors’ Week

Pianity announced an amazing offer this week coming October 17. You get 100% cashback in tokens and a matching amount of $PIA for every NFT bought. Check out the thread below to see what you need to do to qualify.

BT’s 14th album is a permaweb native

BT, an American musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, composer, and audio engineer, has released his new album Metaversal on Arweave. Metaversal is a unique project – as much as it is an album it is also an experience. Thanks to Arweave it is available now and forever on the permaweb. Check it out here.

A script to quantify the exponential growth of SmartWeave

Verto founder Tate Berenbaum released a script this week to generate a chart mapping the growth of SmartWeave. Clone the repo and run the script yourself here.

RedStone releases preview of upcoming token design

RedStone is already offering the chance for anyone to run a node, which will use a PoS token along with a native RedStone token. The token will incentivize data accuracy, node integrity, and efficient resolutions to disputes. Read the token design document here on RedStone’s GitHub.

LinkWeave proposes merging the semantic web with the permaweb

Arweave ecosystem developer Christopher Adams has published a GitHub repo with a README proposing a way to make permaweb content easier to associate and discover.

LinkWeave adds structured data to Arweave transactions, tags, and documents, linking them together.

The document is exceptionally well-detailed and raises interesting ideas about how we can move from a fragmented web to a more cohesive and user friendly one. Read it here.

RedStone flash storage documentation

RedStone has published a document on GitHub detailing an alternative design of providing data to smart contracts. Instead of constantly persisting data on EVM storage, the information is brought on-chain only when needed.

The document also shares benchmarks of speed compared to Chainlink (lower is better):

Full guide here

The second Permaweb Pioneers panel on Twitter Spaces

Co-hosts from Only Arweave, Arweavers Community and our very own arweave.news joined forces to discuss the latest news from the ecosystem. This recording, as well as the first panel, will be posted on permacast in the next week or two.



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