Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #4: A September to Remember

Arweave – the network and the ecosystem – maintained steady growth in the first week of September, benefiting from Arweave’s community of supercoders, Solana’s “NFT Summer”, and increased search engine visibility.

I. Arweave Network

New peaks for Arweave

Arweave network saw a new peak in transaction volume in the first week of September due to high network usage from NFT projects, especially Solana-based dApps.

Arweave is trending in search

According to Google Trends, Arweave keywords were trending this week. New end-users and developers are discovering the innovative potential of the permaweb.

Record highs for bundled transactions

The Arweave team recently released major improvements to a bundling feature which allows an extremely large amount of data (2^256-1 bytes) to be sent in a single transaction – far more safely and reliably than was previously possible. This week, Arweave processed almost as many bundled transactions as it did unbundled.

100k Solana NFTs backed up on Arweave

According to Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of Solana Labs, thousands of Solana NFTs are permanently stored on the Arweave’s Permaweb.

ArGo integrates ENS with Arweave

All credit to the ArGo team for working on Arweave content hash support in the ENS protocol and enabling .eth domains to point at permaweb sites.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

arkb: new features implemented in the latest release

Today, Textury, as known as Arweave’ tools swiss knife, releases a new version of arkb (v1.1.23) featuring the support of two crucial features: Arweave fee multiplier and Arweave bundler. See documentation updates in GitHub here.

New pricing calculator from ArDrive

ArDrive released a handy new pricing calculator aimed at helping its users understand the cost in $ and AR of archiving a file.

Protonmail or Wevemail

Protonmail just removed “We do not keep any IP logs” from its privacy policy. Unlike Wevemail, a secure Arweave email app. Wevemail has an immutable privacy policy, can never sell your data, read your mail or be taken down.

Davatar, the avatar of your Web3 profiles

Davatar.xyz is a new project released under TBDAO. The project is built on top of ENS and Arweave to give users one unified avatar for all of Web3.

ArGo migrate to new URL after GoDaddy takedown

After ArGo’s original domain was suspended, “due to a suspected phishing attack”, CEO Prashant Maurya announced migration to argoapp.net is underway, and that they will be doubling their pace towards truly permissionless and decentralized name services.

Archaeologist bounty program by Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus, a decentralized dead man’s switch application built on Ethereum and Arweave, is running new program rewarding $SARCO tokens for setting up and running nodes. Tap here to learn more!

On-Chain agreements by Ricardian Fabric

Ricardian Fabric is a new project (OWF applicant) built on Arweave that implements Ricardian Contracts and introduces on-chain agreements. This fresh project has released its MVP recently.

Valkyrie upgrade by fQR Weave

fQR Weave, an anti-counterfeiting solution built on Arweave, released new major project upgrades taking it from product to protocol, and improving decentralization.

$VRT bounty for PSC creators

Verto‘s founder, Tate, announced a bounty for PSC creators that required doing a simple frontend edit. Tap here to check Marton’s guides.

RSS3 releases Web3 Pass

RSS3, the decentralized RSS protocol that is building an integration with Arweave, released Web3 Pass, a way to allow users to interact with their RSS3 files, show off cyber assets, and attach a persistent identity to their RSS3 content. This persistent identity uses RSS3 Name Service, or RNS, “a special type of ENS developed by us, granted to any address when registering for the Web3 Pass”. The announcement can be read here on their blog.


KYVE continue to answer user questions submitted with via #WeAreKyve hashtag campaign that puts developers better in touch with users.

Traxa.io releases Explorer and MVP preview

An example of a Traxa NFT, with metadata and geolocation

Traxa.io, a decentralized tracking solution for shipping containers, has released an Android MVP and an example of an NFT created with it in the Explorer.

III. Save The Date

Arweavers Koii AMA: Sep 8th

The Arweavers community will have the founder of Koii, Al Morris, on September 8th at 1700 CEST on the voice chat in the Arweavers Telegram group.

Sanctor Turbo Demo Day: Sep 14th

Sanctor Capital organizes a demo day for “Alpha Class” projects to show their products on a virtual stage. The founders of Arweave and Koii, Sam Williams and Al Morris respectively are guests.

ArDrive Community Call: Sep 15th

The ArDrive team is going to host a community call on September 15th at 12:30pm EST to go over the basics of what the ArDrive token is and how it is used.


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