Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #2: AR we Famous Yet?

A new week passed, and the Arweave ecosystem is still growing with an unstoppable curve. While the NFT industry is reaching new highs and gaining wider exposure, Arweave is seeing even more adoption as a robust and permanent way to store these valuable assets and metadata

I. Arweave Network

1. Vartex gateways

The decentralized web on top of the Arweave network, the Permaweb, is more decentralized due to a new containerized service, built on Amplify, which makes Arweave gateways easier to deploy. Click here for more information

2. Arweave Tx bundles enable massive scalability

Sam Williams, the founder of the Arweave network, shared a tweet explaining the potential of Arweave bundles and how it could surpass the scalability of Web2 Tier 1 social network with data handling and storage scalability. Sam referenced the Sollamas NFT minting event as a recent example:

3. Arweave Team are recruiting a Chief of Staff

The Arweave team is looking for a person to work very closely with Sam Williams as chief of staff.

4. Arweave mentioned by Visa

The payments industry’s giant, Visa, shook the crypto-ecosystem this week with a tweet announcing they have bought their first Cryptopunk:

However, what’s more interesting is the mention of Arweave as a permanent storage solution in Visa’s NFT whitepaper:

5. New $AR listing
AR token has been listed recently in a new T1 CEX, WazirX.com

6. A huge spike in social activity 
According to LunarCrush’s analysis report, Arweave social activities were seeing a noticeable pump in line with AR’s token price.

7. Koii Network release atomic NFT standard and documentation

Koii has published documentation to help explain and popularize Arweave-based atomic NFTs. Atomic NFTs are characterized by the fact that both the asset and the metadata are stored in the same transaction, and permanently. Check out atomicnft.com here, and read the Koii atomic NFT standard on GitHub.

II. Ecosystem Traction

1. Arweave Fees

Arweavefees.com is a new community-driven tool created by @designer9 to make the data storage fees and the latest network metrics accessible with ease:

2. Arweavers AMA: ArDrive

Vilenarios, the founder of Ardrive was the guest of the Arweavers AMA for this week. Check the recording in case you missed it!

3. fQR Weave

The digital authentication project, powered by the Permaweb technology — fQR Weave — is back and working on upgrades on the project’s level. The project will use Atomic NFTs and was invented by Arweave community developers to stop NFT forgery.

4. Mechanism Capital establishes $AR position

Mechanism Capital announced on Twitter their recent position in AR tokens. This coincided with an informative thread about the Arweave network:

5. redstone.finance adds over 900 new data sources

The Arweave-based Oracle platform RedStone expands its tracked data list by 10x to cover Arweave native PSTs, other tokens, ETFs, and commodities:

6. KYVE shares roadmap on the network’s half birthday
KYVE has been operating publicly for six months now, and today they shared what has been done, their traction, and their roadmap for the future. Also, there will be exclusive NFTs to be distributed as gifts to celebrate the first six months of KYVE. Read the update on the KYVE blog here.

7. glass.xyz’s first video auction goes live
The glass.xyz Protocol celebrated their first video auction ,which is also, they claim, the first music video on the Permaweb.

III. Ideas & Bounties

1. Forkable permanent databases

David Whittington, a veteran developer and Arweaver, shared on his Twitter account a “free” idea for who might be interested in building it

2. A metaverse on the permaweb

Arweave founder Sam is open to offer a grant to any team that’s interested to build a decentraland-like project on Arweave’s Permaweb; a metaverse where all digital assets are held in collective commons, accessible by everyone, forever.

IV: Inside arweave.news

While the arweave.news team is most dedicated to being the best source of ecosystem news, we also have a drive to provide decentralized tools which other media companies on the permaweb can make use of.

Arweave AMAs to support ArConnect and Finnie

One is our AMA site, introduced in this article. Over the next week, we’ll be revamping the site to support login with ArConnect and Finnie thanks to help offered by the team at Koii Network!

Decentralized podcast platform permacast nears launch

Over the last month, the arweave.news team has been working on developing a SmartWeave-based podcast hosting app for the permaweb. We’re excited to say that the app is nearing completion and will be launching a testnet soon.

Do you run a podcast and want it featured on the front page of permacast? Do you have a news item you’d like to see included in next week’s report? Get in touch on Twitter – DMs open.


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