Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #1: A Week of Exponential Growth

The Arweave ecosystem was on fire this week. We saw new records, new milestones, and unprecedented traction. In this report, we break down the latest news from ecosystem projects and analyze the causes behind Arweave’s latest influx in adoption.

I. Arweave Network

1. Transaction Volume

Arweave has been breaking records this week! On August 11th, Sam Williams, the founder of the Arweave, network tweeted news of a new all-time high for Arweave daily transactions:

According to Sam, the spike on that day was probably from the usage of the IPFS+ARWEAVE bridge.

Then, on August 15th, there was another spike in transaction volume, surpassing the August 11th record by another 28%. This time, Degen Ape Academy was the cause.

To learn more about those spikes and how Arweave gateways scaled up to meet the challenge, check our analysis here.

2. e-Girl Captial: Alternative NFT strategies

e-Girl Capital’s Emily wrote up insights about the state of the NFT industry’s use of decentralized storage, and for sure, Arweave was mentioned. Shortly after, e-Girl Capital took a small position of AR token on the open market – according to @CL207 :

3. Arweave Is Hiring!

The Arweave team has an open position for a Technical Ecosystem Coordinator to help the ecosystem’s developers collaborate, and to seize opportunities to integrate with other projects.

II. Ecosystem Traction

1. Koii Network

Koii’s NFT portal (koi.rocks) had exponential increase in the daily traffic this week jumping from 300 to 6,000 daily views.

Koii’s founder Al Morris is the guest in the ongoing arweave.news on-chain AMA. Do you have a question for Al? Drop it here and earn $ARN.

2. Glass.xyz

This week we found that centralized video sharing platform Youtube blacklisted the “Why Arweave” video. Members of the Arweave ecosystem took rapid steps to ensure it was re-listed on Glass, a decentralized protocol using Arweave for storage.

3. everFinance

everFinance, a decentralized financial services provider, has been killing it this week, especially with the WAR (Wrapped AR ERC-20 token) farming on DODO DEX. Nearly $600K worth of AR tokens are locked now in the Ethereum network

EverFinance’s founder outprog delivered a speech titled “A Storage Application Paradigm” at the ”Up for Thriving: Blockchain Storage Application Innovation Forum 2021” in Hangzhou. To read outprog’s speech, click here.

4. The Verto Protocol

After creating an amazing experience in the Arweave community by binding Verto’s private Beta launch with an invitation system driven by atomic NFTs, the Verto team made their beta release publicly available after making fixes and improvements based on the community’s suggestions and reports.

Verto’s founder, Tate Berenbaum, also shared a letter titled “Our Statement of Purpose”.


As of today, Zilliqa network developers can store and verify their data streams using KYVE tokens. More networks are now using Arweave as a perma-ledger archive via KYVE network. Also this Friday, the KYVE team answered a question from the #WeAreKYVE series:

And in case you  missed it, arweave.news hosted an on-chain AMA with both KYVE founders (John Letey & Fabian Riewe). Click here to check it!

6. Redstone Finance

Decentralized oracle platform redstone.finance – the project behind SmartWeave V2 SDK – are ramping up their operations. This has contributed to the the spike in Arweave transaction volume lately due to the increase in tracked tokens and data sources.

7. Open Web Foundry

The OWF series are Arweave-backed accelerators to support the new startups and projects building in the Arweave ecosystem. This week, there is an OWF event on gather.town titled “Deep Dive #4: Pitching to Pros” at 6:00 PM CEST. You can join here.


In case you missed it, here are the top arweave.news stories from this week:

Stories for this report are sourced from public announcements on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. If we have missed news from the ecosystem, feel free to DM us on Twitter.

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