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Arweave CryptoKickers Minted on the Permaweb

A pair of Arweave-themed CryptoKickers have been minted on the permaweb by Ruth Tsang, a Hong Kong-born UI designer, illustrator, and NFT artist.

The Arweave Boost NFT will be auctioned on Metaplex, an NFT storefront with low minting fees. The marketplace leverages Solana and stores data on Arweave.

The CryptoKickers project brings generative NFTs to any user with an easy-to-use design tool:

Hundreds of unique CryptoKickers have been minted on the platform, and the choice of colors and features offers a practically infinite number of variations.

They generally auction for about the same price as your average high street shoes, but unlike their real world counterparts, CryptoKickers won’t scuff and, being permanently stored, they certainly won’t go missing.

Solana’s recent KYVE integration means that CryptoKickers transactions (as well as those from other Solana-based dApps) are stored and able to be recalled along with data from Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, NEAR and SKALE.

This integration means other dApps could use CryptoKickers data seamlessly as the market for digital fashion expands. Digital fashion isn’t as niche as might first sound, either. In February this year, a collection of virtual Gucci sneakers designed by 18-year-old crypto artist FEWOCIOUS raised $3.1m in sales and are hot on the resale market.

Metaplex also hosts other NFT projects including ONO and Street Dreams.

Check the auction page for the Arweave Boost CryptoKickers to be in with a chance to grab a pair.

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