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ArDrive offers Double Rewards as Inferno comes to an end

ArDrive Inferno – the third usage rewards program from ArDrive – is coming to an end. Before it finishes, ArDrive is offering a fantastic chance for users to double the rewards they can receive. For the last five weeks of the program – from February 26th to April 1st, 2023 – ArDrive token rewards will be doubled. So if you haven’t participated in Inferno and jumped on the opportunity yet, this could be the perfect time to do so! And maybe the last!

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ArDrive Inferno double rewards

Inferno was designed to reward users with ArDrive tokens (ↁ) for uploading data through the ArDrive suite of apps. The total number of tokens to be distributed was set at ↁ50,000. Upload stats are collected for the whole week, and rewards are sent out on the weekends. Inferno began in May 2022 and concludes on Saturday, April 1, 2023, at 11:59 PM EST.

So, to go out with a bang, during the last five weeks of Inferno, 2,000 ArDrive tokens will be awarded per week to the top 50 uploaders who qualify. Each week has a minimum amount that needs to be uploaded in order to ensure ArDrive tokens are not being rewarded to users who upload a very small amount of data. However, every person who uploads the minimum has a chance to get the rewards if they are in the Top 50 uploaders.

The minimum amount that users need to upload to qualify for the token distribution is 100 MB. Essentially, up to 50 unique wallets that upload 100 MB for the week will receive the tokens. And all partial amounts are rounded up. The tokens are distributed on Sunday evenings at 10:00 PM EST. Upload data is collected from Sunday 12:00 am EST to Saturday 11:59 PM EST.

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Arweave in Denver 2023

ArDrive is celebrating Arweave in Denver 2023 by rewarding 500 additional ArDrive tokens during the week. The user who uploads the most data with their mobile app will receive 100 ArDrive tokens. The ArDrive team will also have a photo booth at the event that will store all photos taken in an ArDrive public drive. Four lucky users who share the drive link on Twitter and tag ArDrive will win 100 ArDrive tokens each. Arweave in Denver 2023 week begins on February 26 and ends on March 4, 2023, at 11:59 PM EST.

It’s worth mentioning that the ArDrive token can be used to take part in the governance of ArDrive and help form the future of the platform. 

To see all the results from Inferno, you can check out the Inferno Leaderboard. There, you can see how many files were uploaded, the amount of data uploaded, and, of course, how many tokens were awarded. From the board, you have the ability to view the current week, the previous week, and the all-time (total) uploads. 

The chances of winning

Checking last week, you can see that the number 50 spot uploaded 396.13 MB. Using the fee calculator on the ArDrive website, we can see that the total cost for uploading that amount is approximately $0.58.

What is Arweave in Denver 2023?

Arweave in Denver 2023 it was an event that was set to bring together members of the Arweave community to discuss the role of decentralised storage in the future of blockchain technology. Hosted by, Forward Research, Community Labs, and Lattice, the event  took place on March 2nd, 2023 at the Woods Boss Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers and participate in panel discussions and breakout sessions focused on topics such as infrastructure, dApps, community, growth, and funding.

The event was also an opportunity for attendees to network and collaborate with other members of the Arweave community. Whether you are a project founder, investor, or developer, Arweave in Denver 2023 was a great opportunity to connect with others who share a passion for decentralised technology.

The event will also be live-streamed on YouTube so even those who were unable to attend in person can still stay up to date on the latest developments in the Arweave community.

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