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Announcing the On-Chain AMA App

With the launch of our second AMA, featuring Tate from Verto, the on-chain app for AMAs is ready to share with the world! The app is the first in the permablog suite – a set of tools for running a decentralized media organization with permaweb-first content.

How does it work?

The entire backend to the app is a SmartWeave contract with fewer than 200 single lines of code. The front-end retrieves the contract’s state and parses the AMAs, their questions and answers, into HTML.

The SmartWeave contract is available to read here.

Addresses listed as verified creators can create new AMAs and specify who is the guest by providing the guest’s Arweave wallet address. Anyone logged into the site can ask questions to the guest, but only the guest can answer. This makes it impossible for answers to be forged, and also lets the protocol know whose question was answered in order to send them the $ARN reward.

What is $ARN?

ARN is the profit-sharing token (PST).

For now you can earn ARN as a guest by answering questions, or by having your questions answered, in AMAs. The ARN reward is shown in the app for active AMAs. In the future, uses for the ARN token will be expanded to permanent blogging, content management, and other tools necessary for running a decentralized media organization.

Which guests are up next? ????

The current AMA with Tate ends in less than 48 hours – there’s already a great selection of questions and answers to check out!

Starting on Thursday, July 29th, we’ll be hosting an AMA with the KYVE team.

The week after that, starting August 3rd, we host Al Morris, founder of Koii.

Want to volunteer as a guest, or suggest someone we should host an AMA with? Tweet at us. And look out for further additions to the permablog app!


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