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Amped Studio Introduces Arweave-Powered "Save Forever"

Amped Studio, a popular music production application with nearly 5,000 daily users, has announced the introduction of "Save Forever," a new feature powered by Arweave that enables users to securely store their music tracks, audio files, and sound content on the decentralised, public storage network known as Arweave's Permaweb. 

The innovative solution aims to provide a more cost-effective, secure, and permanent storage option for independent music creators.

A Decentralised Future for Music Creators

Amped Studio's new offering empowers musicians to create, produce, and distribute their music using Arweave's decentralised permanent data storage solution. This eliminates the need for reliance on physical storage media, which can deteriorate over time, become damaged, misplaced, or stolen.

We were originally looking for a way to reduce our Amazon Cloud expenses but have discovered that the information architecture available within Arweave's ecosystem will expand our value proposition with independent creators without all the complexity of typical blockchain protocols, said Bil Bryant, Founder of Amped Studio.

Challenges Faced by Independent Musicians

As mentioned in the Business Wire Press Release, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 150,000 musicians and singers in the United States, with less than 1,000 supported by major labels. Independent musicians often sacrifice their royalties for storage, production, distribution, and unlicensed use. Traditional storage methods, such as physical media or private cloud services, can be expensive, easily lost, and subject to tampering or unauthorised use.

Arweave-Powered "Save Forever" for Artists

The "Store Forever" option allows artists to easily access, listen, share, or download their songs from anywhere via a URL that points to their music tracks on Arweave. Users pay an affordable, one-time fee with a credit card, either per song or in advance for allocated space. Amped Studio creators are shielded from the complexities of blockchain transaction systems, as the platform handles all wallet, token, and smart contract processes behind the scenes.

Why Arweave?

Amped Studio selected Arweave because it offers permanent storage with global and highly replicated distribution within a tamper and censor-proof environment. By using Arweave, Amped Studio can benefit from:

  • Data to be saved with licensing information as well as thousands of types of tags for ease of purchasing and discoverability through future public music marketplaces.

  • "Stamping" which is a universal "like" button to support community endorsement in a public forum instead of within a private application.

  • A less expensive long-term storage platform, and a tool for creators to detach their music from the private applications that consumers use to find, purchase and listen to music.

We believe that the new information architecture within Arweave's open-source protocol will provide the creator economy with a more efficient system by eliminating the moats that stifle independent creation and usher in a new era where applications are chosen for the quality of their design instead of the data they have locked into their subscription, said Ian Foley, Chief Business Officer, Arweave.

About Amped Studio

Amped Studio wants to make producing music easy and fun, with tools and resources for everyone from beginners to professionals. Founded in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden, the company believes everyone should be able to access their own music studio from anywhere, at any time, on the internet. The service has between four and five thousand users daily. See Bil describe the "Store Forever" capability here.


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