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What’s the process to purchase a land in decentland?

DecentLand is a land of DAOs, and as it’s built on Arweave’s Permaweb, then those DAOs are known as Profit Sharing Communities (PSC). You, or any user can “import” his/her PSC and create a Tribus for it on decent.land

So, a Tribus is a place where the PSC members (PST owners) can communicate in a decentralized way. It’s true that the PSC creator must be also the Tribus creator of his community, but he/she doesn’t have any centralized power over tribus’s members! It’s not like a subreddit, facebook page or whatever. Anyone who meets the Tribus requirements, can join and post. But the questions then arise:

How can i join a Tribus?

To join a Tribus, you have to be a PST holder, and “staker” at the same time. Those requirements are called post visibility and membership entry , which are pre-defined by the Tribus owner at the time of creation.

* membership entry:

To be able to “join” a community (Tribus) and have the right to post in it, you have to be a member first of all. And it’s simple! Just lock (aka stake) more than or equal to the amount assigned to membership entry. This process require using CommunityXYZ community page to lock from its PSTs | e.g. i have to lock more than 15 $DLT in order to join decent-land Tribus

* post visibility:

In order to keep your posts visibile in Tribus instance (page), you have to hold in your Arweave wallet more than – from the PSTs of the PSC’s Tribus- more than or equal to the post visibility condition. e.g. i have to hold more than 10 $DLT to keep my posts visible in decent-land Tribus

What if there is an annoying user? A spammer, FUDer?

As stated before, a Tribus is a decentralized sub-protocol social network. So, When the community (PSC) unite over an unwanted member (let’s say a spammer), they can vote over him/her to slash his membership. And when the voting period ends (according to the vote length), the winning decision will take action: democracy.

You see? “Admins” have zero power against the members of the Tribus, unless more than the half of its members (50% + 1) agree on a proposal

What are you most excited about, regarding incentive design for DecentLand?

decent.land will create an additional use-case for PST of the PSC that create a Tribus on the protocol. That is, each PSC can reinforce their tokenomics by creating a Tribus and make it active, why? Simply you will get more users buying your PST to participate in the new social experience: more locked tokens, more PST holders.

Beside that, and after the last feature’s implementation, each new post is an NFT. Wherever the user post, either in the open PublicSquare Tribus or any other PSC’s Tribus, the post will be an NFT! Therefore, each user can actually “trade/sell” his words (post). Both owner and post-owner will share an undefined -yet, it still under development- percentage that comes from the tipping in AR (post’s upvote): passive income effortlessly, let yours posts work for you!

DecentLand creates an all new Community Ownership design (inspired from existing protocols), completely on-chain, and permanently incentivised

It’s like an ocean of opportunities, either for individuals of Profit Sharing Communities.

What kind of data they are storing on AR now?

In the current stage of development post’s Content-Type is text/plain only. But it will not be limited to text-posts, we will later integrate HTML post body, which can cover many data types: text, img, etc. in a single transaction. use-case example: articles.

Where do i sell my NFTs (posts)?

You will be able to create “trading posts” for your DecentLand posts (NFTs) when Verto’s team release their NFT marketplace!

AMA transaction ID : https://3fhee7bbglvmzdd6rld7zx73kc4vf2yvxle4toda3dgiyxn6zzpa.arweave.net/2U5CfCEy6syMforH_N_7ULlS6xW6ycm4YNjMjF2-zl4

Decentland Twitter : https://twitter.com/decentLand_?s=09

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